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NEWS RELEASE · 27th October 2011
Walter McFarlane
Richard Smeal came before Kitimat City Council at the Committee of the Whole meeting on October 11th to discuss the Ferry Task Force.

“The committee was struck by Mayor Monaghan to promote business within neighbouring communities of Bella Bella, Clemtu and Heartly Bay. With Kitimat as the closest neighbour to these communities, it has no direct access to these communities. The proposal was put out there for these communities. The proposed ferry would have the capacity for passengers, freight and a scheduled run to these communities,” said Smeal.

He explained the ferry would be a fast ferry capable of carrying passengers, freight and cars. The Ferry will create trade between the communities and will help the outlying communities with job creation. It will also help businesses in Kitimat and Terrace.

Smeal asked Council to write a letter of support for the feasibility study for the ferry. The feasibility study is already underway.

Councillor Corinne Scott if the ferry would be a private enterprise and who the partners would be. Smeal replied the committee determined the fastest way to get this underway was to ask the government to provide a private contract to the Ferry provider.

Councillor Rob Goffinet asked if they were working with the Provincial and Federal Government. Smeal stated the Task Force has been talking with them.

Councillor Bob Corless wanted to know if the Feasibility Study was being paid for by the Province. Smeal answered they had received a grant to pay for it. They hope to have the feasibility study done by the end of the year if they get the letters of support. The festivity study is being done by Smeal.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion to provide a letter of support, the motion was carried.
MAYBE a better idea
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 29th October 2011
A better idea... After the Ferrys stop in Prince Rupert, how about instead of coming here it travels up the Skeena to Terrace with a stop near Shames in the winter... We could put a shuttle bus on from the Skeena River to Shames mountain.... AND we already have bus service to Kitimat from Terrace.... so the people that didn't want to ski or shop in Terrace could come to Kitimat and look at the scenery...

Hey we know from recent history that our council and Mayor would be glad to waste more tax dollars to support a losing business that benefits Terrace....

But then none of us have ever seen the letter drafted to the Ferry Service by the four Social Conservatives and their Leader.... maybe thats what it says......

reply apocalypse
Comment by al on 29th October 2011
yup right on
lets do as little as possible for the people of BC with the most enviromental damage and then we can pick up the bill and deal with the mess afterwards
sounds familliar for sure
come on Al .
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 28th October 2011
You know we wont get those fast ferries here ,we will get the ones made in Germany ,that created absolutely no jobs for BC and are never used because they burn too much fuel.that sounds like a much better Idea doesn't it?
fast ferry?
Comment by al on 28th October 2011
hey a fast ferry, great idea, like the ones we spent billions on for Vancouver Island then sold for peanuts because all they did was cause damage to marine life and erode the shoreline, great idea, probably work the second time right? Why not expand the marina for more pleasure boats and create the ability for more guides to share the pristine wilderness with tourists. I can imagine being a tourist on a ferry that I paid $3500.00 for a trip ,and have to catch a bus service to town, right no bus service,could take a bus to Hospital Beach, right, no more bus that way neither.
Let's promote tourism on a scale that is responsible and economical for Kitimat, If you really think a fast ferry is feasable, you might as well call DisneyWorld to come set up at the old hospital as well
are you serious??
Comment by Marc on 27th October 2011
the person responsible for driving tourists and locals alike out of our community in regard to ocean access is appearing in front of council ???4 what?? what association/commitee would want this guy anywhere near it??

once you think you have seen it all....