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REPORTING · 28th October 2011
Walter McFarlane
UPDATED OCTOBER 27TH! That's right. The Forum procedures have been CHANGED!

The All Candidates Forum, hosted by the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce will be held on November 3rd. Candidates will be asked questions from the community, however, this forum will be slightly different then previous forums.

The Candidates meet back stage at 6:45 for their 7:00 Curtain. Each of the candidates for Councillor will provide an opening statements.

Then the microphones open up for questions. Each Candidate will have a chance to answer each question. They have 1 minute and 30 seconds to do so. When all is said and done, the candidates have a chance to provide a one and a half minute closing statement.

at 9:30, it is time for the Mayoral Candidates to take the Hotseat. They will follow the same format. At 10:30, the forum is schedualed to end.

The Handi-Dart will be available for those who require Handi-Dart service to attend the forum.

The following candidates will be answering questions:

Candidates for Mayor
Jim Thom
Joanne Monaghan
Randy Halyk

Candidates for Councillor
Bob Corless
Carl Whicher
Corinne Scott
Edwin Empinado
Jack Riddle
Joe Salema
John Pacheco
Joshua Callahan
Mario Feldhoff
Mary Murphy
Phil Germuth
Rob Goffinet
Thanks to Thom Meier...
Comment by Louise on 7th November 2011
...for a job well done as moderator at the All Candidates.
Comment by C.G. on 4th November 2011
I was wondering if the forum has been recorded??, I remember last year having watched it here the day after it was held. Very handy for those of us who work night shift. Will you be having a link Walter? Merv? Thanks
candidates forum
Comment by Jim on 3rd November 2011
Like many people in Kitimat I decided to stay home and watch the candidates forum on tv.
I thought I would hear their views on the many issues in Kitimat so that I could make an informed decision on who to vote for.
However I missed most of it due to the very poor television broadcasting . I couldn't hear the candidates a lot of the time due to the poor audio and for the last half of the broadcast I guess you had to be proficient in lip reading to gleam anything out of this broadcast . I was very dissapointed. If you are going to continue
bradcasting such events that are important to Kitimat how about investing in some modern day equipment and technology and using people that know how to use it Jim
Way too long!
Comment by SK on 3rd November 2011
I agree, Bill! Will this meeting be webcast or covered by cablevision so we can watch from home?
whos missing?
Comment by ananomous on 3rd November 2011
i see that Danny Nunes is not on the mayor list to be there but who is missing from the list of councillors? theres only 12 on the list but 13 are running from what i remember reading. Also i thought this was a requirement to be at for the people running?
That's going to be a long meeting!
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 27th October 2011
15 people X 2 minute opening statement = 30 minutes, actually allow 30 seconds between each one and a couple of minutes for the opening statements by the moderator and we're up to 40 minutes. 15 people X 1.5 minutes per question is 25 minutes per question given time for moments between speakers. How many questions are there going to be? If there are only 5, the meeting will last almost 3 hours. I wonder if it might be better to schedule 2 or 3 of these forums and put a time limit of 2 hours on each one?