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COMMENTARY · 26th October 2011
Linda Halyk
I like the daily poll, Randy & Danny neck N neck with a 2 vote difference 14/16 respectfully, Jim with 2 and the encumbant with 5.
The race is on.
This is going to be very interesting.
It's getting exciting.
The all candidates forum is going to be quite the show.
I have concerns over the questions to be asked of the candidates.
The Chamber should make the public aware of the procedure.
My understanding is no community input that night, I realize we have a lot of candidates. Is the same procedure that was used in 2005 when there were more candidates running then today?

Let's get ready to rumble. Everyone to their corners and let's have a clean fight.

I thought you attended Council Meetings Brenda
Comment by Walter McFarlane on 29th October 2011
You should pay more attention at those meetings. Since you can't say anything good, I will.

Halyk has a lot of good points. He has worked on Tourism and Economic Development in the past. He is also not afraid to speak his mind on items. Council, as you should remember, was trying to save money because Eurocan Closed.

Under tourism, there was an attempt to make campsites at the dyke, a project which people have been talking about for years. Halyk found a knot of different owners and was in the process of contacting them when we lost Eurocan and Council's priorities changed.

After Eurocan closed, Council realized they wouldn't have the money they used to. Halyk was the only one who took this issue serriously, questioning expenditures.

Halyk was one of the Councillors who was working to save Eurocan, but this project kept hitting holdups. If you remember correctly, he took one of those hold ups to the media.

Eurocan could have been saved. However, people tend to focus on the bad things people do, rather then the good things. I'm trying to focus away from Monaghan's negative track record and focus on the positive things she has done.
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 28th October 2011
Actually Walter I have alot of positive things to say about most of the candidates that are running-Randy Halyk just isnt one of them.Good luck to everyone.
Comment by Walter McFarlane on 28th October 2011
Tell you what, I'll write my article, you write your book and between the two of us, we'll slam two of the candidates so hard that... based on our poll... Danny will be the Mayor of Kitimat.

Serriously, you should take the advice people keep giving me and focus on the positive aspects of the candidates, not the negative.
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 27th October 2011
You say you can write an entire article on our Mayor's weaknesses-I can write an entire book on Randy Halyks which like you I choose not to.
Not so easy a choice
Comment by Walter McFarlane on 27th October 2011
This election is actually pretty interesting because all the candidates for mayor are good choices.

Randy Halyk, while he has taken the Mayor to task on several points, he has also focused a lot on Kitimat's tourism industry. He was working on finding ways to create campgrounds around the river prior to the Eurocan shutdown. Last Month, he brought forward the upgrading of fishing roads.

Halyk was one of the two Councillors working with the union try to save the Eurocan site.

Monaghan, although I could write an entire article on her weaknesses (I chose not to), has her strengths as well. She has experience on Council, she has formed committee upon committee to try and fix things in town, and she has been working a lot of economic development.

Nunes on the other hand, is a comedian... but he does not receive credit for any of the positive things he has done for this community. Many years ago, he submitted an idea to the Chamber of Commerce to make a video promoting Kitimat.

He put forward several ideas four years ago and updated them last year, where he suggested attracting restaurants and clothing stores to Kitimat. The current Mayor appears to be cribbing his ideas. Ironically, if it weren't for Danny, you wouldn't have this Online Website right now and I probably wouldn't be living in Kitimat.

Unfortunately, Thom, I am not so aware of. I know he was a City Councillor but this was before my time on the Daily and I honestly do not know much about him.
Comment by AJ on 27th October 2011
As far as it goes for Mayor i think the community has to be realistic. if you look at who is running and what they have done previously for the community, there is probably only two candidates really on the ballot. of the two that would not be on my list is he who has actually some funny videos on youtube and a previous councillor who didn't take his job very seriously. if he spent more time trying to make a positive change for Kitimat instead of trying to dice up the current Mayor maybe he would actually have some credibility in the skills in leading us forward.

Again just my 2cents worth.
Mayoral race needs it's own debate.
Comment by Doug Read on 26th October 2011
The idea that one 16 candidate forum is enough for the forth coming election is concerning.

Surely, considering the great mix of opinion, the candidates for Mayor should have their own event. This would allow proper questioning of the runners and riders. The questions I would like to ask the 'next' mayor are significantly different to the council candidates.

This needs to be re-considered

Doug Read