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COMMENTARY · 29th October 2011
Danny Nunes
It seems the new trend nowadays is to descend upon a location and occupy it in order to protest what the 99% of society claims is the unfair distribution of wealth and the actions of the worlds corporations and financial institutions in creating this inequality. That leaves us with the 1% who retain and control the majority of wealth created within society whose results seem to be falling apart with a looming global economic meltdown which could literally lead to the collapse of the economy of a majority of the worlds most powerful nations. World War 3 predictions anyone?

So I am running for mayor of a town at the end of the road in northwest British Columbia, which could possibly see some important economic initiatives in the form of natural gas, oil pipelines, and increases aluminum production and so forth or perhaps some of these projects fall apart and just become after thoughts like so many others promised over the decades.

So should I join in on this trend and start an Occupy Kitimat movement & voice my displeasure over the state of the world economy like everyone

I admire those who are out there on the streets voicing there anger and frustration. I think its a great show of democracy and freedom of speech and of the citizens right to gather for peaceful assembly to bring awareness to there plight. But I think its just a wasted effort which will have no real results because it doesn't do what the protesters want it to do.

The 99% want change in how things are going, they want to make the corporations & Wall Street to take notice of their anger and their calls for change but the people forget some simple facts.

Corporations are emotionless, they are without concern for your plight or your signs and demonstrations.

These corporations want one thing and one thing only & that is ever increasing profit margins and returns for there share holders.

Fighting an emotionless entity with emotion is not logical whatsoever.

You are not affecting the one thing that can make them take notice and maybe even make the changes you want to see. You must hit them where it hurts and that is by simply doing the real protest.

You need to sacrifice a large part of your way of life for an extended period of time and hurt the corporations bottom line. Until you have a serious effect on share holders stock prices and cut into profit margins you will do nothing at all by holding a sign on the street. You need to sacrifice your level of comfort...but are you willing to do that?

Corporations know people are creatures of habit who don't take too kindly to attempts to change or take away the comforts that have come with capitalism over so many years. And they expect to be able to heap more abuse in the form of higher prices and less regulation knowing people will, in a lot of cases, just accept their lot and shuffle along with there heads down hoping for the best.

If you want real change then you need to stop feeding the beast as easily as you do. You are the middle and lower class who the beast needs to feed it. You are the consumer who's income and hard work gets taken advantage of to fuel that 1% and they count on this to continue so long as they keep you distracted with a new Iphone from Apple or a new form of social media to keep you distracted from their work.

Its also going to take a lot more than simply creating a facebook page where you say you will not fill up your car with gas on a certain day....only to rush out the very next day to fill it up.

Real change means real sacrifice and that takes much longer that a single day you set aside like some joke to get likes on an event page.

So then I ask you are you willing to do that? Are you willing to hold your elected officials accountable if they do not abide by your wishes. Do you want leaders who represent you or represent some sort of elitist status quo?

You can sit in a coffee shop all day and complain and say what you think others should do but unless you actually stand up and make an effort you are simply saying you passively accept all that's done by this 1%.

But heck what do I know right? I am apparently just some idiot in a costume who is supposedly making a mockery of an upcoming election so just ignore everything I just said above and keep sipping that coffee...which is starting to taste an awful lot like Kool-Aid lately.

I am Danny Nunes and I do not want your vote for Mayor of Kitimat. What I want is something much more important than a title. I want a future.
good on you gigantic
Comment by joe salema on 31st October 2011
Lessen our footprint that is awesome , I too am doing the same , I do car pool with a co-worker , I removed my natural gas from my home (just the delivery charges alone is a crime) I now have only hydro (which is also a crime) but we can't do without but I worked the hydro bills out at $95.00 a month for all utilities . Used to go to terrace 3 times or so a week , now maybe once in 2 weeks , we need to use less so not to line the pockets of those overseas gougers that own all our raw materials . Yet they want to put an oil pipeline through here only to sell it back to us !?! IS THAT NOT A CRIME???
Gigantic corporations
Comment by Julie on 30th October 2011
Because of the price gouging of our food costs.
Some communities have set up undergrounds. The rule of the underground is, try to grow enough food, to feed the people within, a one hundred mile radius.

I pay $5.50 for a chicken through the underground, instead of over $15.00 in the supermarket. They even have people, who come and slaughter the chickens, right on the chicken growers land. I buy all of my meats, eggs, vegetables and fruit, through the underground. I am sick of buying, mouldy fruits and vegetables. Buying directly from the underground. Everything is lovely and fresh. Some of us buy extra, and take the vegetables to the food bank. No worries about salmonella or other deadly diseases. Even home made bread can be bought. I saved over $2,000 on my bathroom reno, paid for by cash.

If you have a back yard. Turn it into a vegetable garden. A cold room will keep potato's, turnip's, beet's, cabbage, parsnip's, onions and carrots, through the winter. You can freeze or can fruits.

All I have to buy is, coffee, tea, sugar, flour and salt and pepper. I make a point of buying that, from a mom and pop store.

There are swap meets for, clothing, sports gear and many goodies.

In BC we know we will be paying up to 50% more on our hydro bills. Food costs have gone up 20% in the last two years. Gas is price gouged through the roof. Car pools are great. I kept track of how much money I saved by the underground and watching my hydro, only one light on at a time and such. With kids that is hard to do. But I saved over $300 per month.
well said
Comment by RB on 28th October 2011
Danny you do not call for any votes, and I would like to ask.. why?? you my friend do have very good point of views about how things should be around here, it's time for a change Kitimat, the time is now, everyone get out of their comfort zones, lets make the right choice, out with the old in with the new.
Comment by C.P. on 28th October 2011
Kool-Aid! HAHA!!! How refreshing to see a politician with a sense of humor! Perhaps someone like you will get the younger generation a little more interested in their community. You've obviously got the intelligence to win over the older crowds as well. I'd love to have you as our mayor. Let's see what a "people person" can do for this town, rather than the stereotypical nose-in-the-air stuffed shirts. I'm tired of seeing leaders with wooden, cylindrical objects lodged in their back-facing orifices. Time for a change.
yes Danny
Comment by Linda Halyk on 28th October 2011
Absolutely agree.
Very well said.
You just might have my vote.
Comment by e robinson on 28th October 2011
the point is to get politicians notice and stop giving corporations all the tax breaks and stop subsidizing them.
Refine our own resources not allow them to be shipped out of country.
well said Danny
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 28th October 2011
I couldn't agree more with your comments.
good luck!
Comment by K.D.S. on 28th October 2011
Danny you are intelligent and it would be an honor to have you as Mayor of Kitimat. Unfortunately people enjoy comfort and what you represent is a challenge. Kitimat is a place where people are happy with complaining about there situation but do little to nothing to change it! The change starts with the man and women in the mirror, we need to look at ourselves and believe we have power. People use the excuse of " well Im just one person how can I change the world" as a way to avoid responsibility. If Kitimat elected you I would be delighted take a stand against the powers that be and never look back! Have faith in your beliefs and dont let anything change that. Let them say what they want about the costume b.s., I think a politician who is a coward, scared to speak the truth, and works within a hidden agenda are wearing costumes every day of their term!

best of luck!