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REPORTING · 23rd October 2011
Walter McFarlane
Mayor Joanne Monaghan is making good on her December promises to obtain waterfront access. On Thursday, October 20th, she met with investors from China looking at Kitimat’s port.

“We met with the Beidahuang Group and the Hang Seng Evergreen group from China yesterday and they have purchased land in Saskatchewan, they purchased some mines and things in Canada and they needed a port to get their product to market,” said Monaghan.

She explained when Rio Tinto purchased the Eurocan wharf, there were industries looking to ship out of a port and Kitimat was left without a port for these industries.

“When the Premier was here, I told her we really needed a port. So these people came and they were very enthusiastic about what we showed them. They have a strong interest in what we could provide for them,” said Monaghan.

Hang San Evergreen produces pipe for pipelines and they showed interest in the three LNG companies which are coming to Kitimat although Monaghan was uncertain as to whether or not they talked to them.

Now, the groups have returned home. They will be looking over what they saw, how they could work with the community with their commodities and they will get back to Kitimat.

“They asked if they could meet with the Premier [Christy Clark] when she is in China and I put that request in this morning to the office of John Les. I’m sure that she will be able to spend a short bit of time with them because they are going to need crown land, we don’t have any,” said Monaghan.
Your Mayor:)
Comment by Linda on 1st November 2011
I think you best go back & reread AJ 2 cents worth. He was NOT talking about existing councillors, he was talking about people being negative and maybe they should step up or shut up. An armchair quarterback is NOT actually playing in the game, she /he thinks they know everything.
Our Mayor:)
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 26th October 2011
I totally agree with AJ.If a "couple" of people sitting on our council had put as much energy into helping our community as they did trying to discredit our Mayor I have no doubt they would have accomplished alot more than they did in the last 3 years.Good job Mayor Monaghan-keep up the good work.
2 cents worth
Comment by AJ on 24th October 2011
It's funny how there seems to be a couple of real armchair quarterbacks in Kitimat. If they really have that much negative input on how the city is run why don't they stop there complaining and run for council or the mayors position.
The current mayor is doing a fine job with what she has to be deal with the current council.
The wolverines was a good one but at least she had nothing to do with the predatory deer stalking our community...
China ?
Comment by Concerned ! on 24th October 2011
I think it is scary that China is buying up so much in Canada !
Another question.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 23rd October 2011
If one of the companies interested in a port facility is a pipe producer ,we can only assume that pipe for all these possible pipelines will be made in China instead of here in Canada. Just a thought.
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 23rd October 2011
Nothing from the mayor, for three years, but wolverines and donuts, .. but come elction time and the name dropping begins... mines, and wharf;s,,,, and jobs jobs jobs...

Its odd that during her three years she can never bring this up because its all top secret but once an election is taking place its public knowledge as long as it makes her look good.....