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CONTRIBUTION · 21st October 2011
Phil Germuth
Question 1
What is the most significant reason you are running for Council?

I decided to seek election because I want to make a positive contribution to my community. I want to be a member of Council that soon after the election works together to create an action plan and then works to achieve our goals of making Kitimat an even better place to live.

Question 2
What issue in our community do you see as the largest hurdle for the success in Kitimat?

The largest issue is a lack of access to waterfront land for development.

The second largest issue has been a lack of leadership, planning, and decision making for Kitimat. There has also been a lack of support for Kitimat at the Provincial level, for example the Eurocan closure.

We need investment for long term sustainable jobs. The demolition of Eurocan, Methanex, and RTA does not equal long term job creation.

Question 3
What is your stance on Enbridge, In favor of, Opposed to or Neutral? Why?

I am opposed

Reason 1 The Enbridge project is all about Risk versus Benefit. When it comes to the Federal Government, Provincial Government, big oil companies, pipeline companies, foreign investors, and the Joint Review Panel, the benefits to them are worth more than the risks.


They do not live here. They will not have to deal with the long term consequences of an environmental disaster.

No matter how many safeguards are put on a pipeline or how many tugs or hulls you put on a supertanker, eventually human error, or a lack of maintenance will result in a disaster.

Reason 2 I do not support the export of our crude oil resource without any refining or sustainable job creation.

Question 4 When we started this election, there were thirteen candidates for Alderman. This number has dropped to twelve. Is thirteen a lucky number for Kitimat or is Twelve? Why?

Thirteen. The more the merrier! The large number of candidates is evidence of dissatisfaction with the current leadership.

Question 5

A potpourri of 'fresh' candidates is a great idea.
Comment by Marc on 9th November 2011
Jim are you looking for a job scrubbing oil of the rocks and birds?
Comment by Jim on 31st October 2011
Sorry Phil I was considering voting for you
but now will not for your narrow minded view of Enbridge I can't say I am for them either but they should be given a fair chance to present their case . Just look at the money it would create for the community in both jobs and taxes
Comment by Philip Germuth on 23rd October 2011
... for your question Tracy.

In talking to District employees and residents the new policy - 5 inches and snowing - needs to be reviewed, especially if Kitimat continues to get heavy snowfalls as we did in winter 2010/2011.

We also need to assess the District's snow clearing equipment to ensure it is adequate to handle these changed winter snow conditions.

For a truly effective snow clearing policy we need input not only from District employees and residents, but also local contractors regarding procedures, equipment utilization and snow levels.
Snow Clearing
Comment by Tracy on 23rd October 2011
The Engineering Dept recommended a change to the snow clearing policy last year (from 3" and falling to 5" and falling). Council approved their recommendation. Do you agree with their decision?
too funny
Comment by keven on 22nd October 2011
I have to assume your in some way related to the Halyk Running for Mayor. stand up against Big Business? too funny! yet here is Randy and Phil running for Government!The Biggest business there is!
Enbridge opposition
Comment by Linda Halyk on 21st October 2011
Thanks Phil it is really refreshing to hear someone stand up against big business and the governments.
Very well said.
Good luck I hope you make it, fresh is good.