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NEWS RELEASE · 21st October 2011
Mother Nature Network
Actor urges people to protest the Keystone XL oil pipeline with a sit-in similar to the Wall Street demonstrations.

Could "Occupy Wall Street" spin off an "Occupy Pipeline" protest? According to Alec Baldwin, that may be the perfect recipe for magnifying the public outcry against the proposed $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline.

The project, which would stretch more than 1,700 miles from Canada's tar sands to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico, has been a target of environmental groups, with hundreds arrested last month outside the White House in protest. Celebrities including Mark Ruffalo, Daryl Hannah, Robert Redford, Kyra Sedgwick and Ian Somerhalder have spoken out against its construction.

"If approved, the pipeline construction would allow greater exploitation of the environmentally destructive tar sands, ripping up some of the world's last, most intact rain forests and wildlife habitat that has taken 10,000 years to evolve,"Hannah wrote with Greenpeace director Philip Radford. "The pipeline also threatens communities along its route with toxic oil spills. And by opening a new source of highly polluting tar sands, it could cause even more global warming, as James Hansen and 19 other prominent climate scientists have warned. This is why Keystone XL is opposed by Nebraskan ranchers, communities near the dangerous refineries in Texas, the nation's largest environmental organizations, and so many more."

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