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NEWS RELEASE · 21st October 2011
Kitimat RCMP
On Wednesday October 19, 2011 at just before 2:30 pm, members of the Kitimat RCMP responded to a complaint of suspicious items at 205-1160 Kingfisher Avenue. Upon viewing the items, members deemed it prudent to evacuate the building, this was done with the assistance of the Kitimat Fire Department. Later that evening two members of the RCMP explosives Disposal Unit from Vancouver arrived on scene. They were able to safely remove three items from the apartment and subsequently destroyed them.

A 20 year old Kitimat resident has since been arrested and charged with Possession and Manufacturing of explosives.

He has since been released from custody with strict court ordered conditions. His next court appearance will be December 01, 2011.
miss understood
Comment by DJ on 17th July 2012
Give the guy a break its not like there were any bomb treats made at all, so no life's were in danger, and also i think the police should say what kind of exsplosives he was caught with just saying exsplosives just makes it sound like its the worse case in kitimat, but if the cops did let him go they must think he's a stable guy that just knows more then he should.
scum bags
Comment by worried on 31st October 2011
Its about time people are talking about these scum of the earth that are making money off the young and addicted.These scum of the earth are making so much money that they are buying heavy equipment and starting business .we all know who they are ,walking around the bars and flashing there big wads of cash and buying drinks for there followers.And it is true people are snorting coke right on the tables, It is getting out of hand .I know the police have a hard time catching these guys but they have to put the pressure on them and make it hard for them to operate before they ruin a lot more lives .And also make these bar owners more accountable for letting this happen.Remember next time you hire someone with heavy equipment that they are honest hard working people and are not the scum of the earth.You are only helping them to get richer.
lol @long time resident
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 27th October 2011
Yes i may whine and complain a little but unlike you i am trying to bring these problems out in the open,not pretend this isn't going on so you don't have to do anything about it. You seem to have taken this personally for some reason.Maybe you don't want bad publicity for our town?And just because you don't agree with my comments ,does that make them not fact?
Get informed!!
Comment by Frustrated on 26th October 2011
There are many points I feel need to be addressed but I am going to focus on one - the RCMP. In my opinion, they are doing the best they can with the resources and tools they are given. They receive 10 times more calls than the Firemen yet their highest ranking police officer makes the same amount as the lowest ranking Fireman. Every one of their calls require followup, paperwork, etc. Recently, DOK refused to give them more funding but granted the Fireman a new firetruck (approx $600,000) while cutting two RCMP office positions! When they make an arrest, gather evidence, etc it is handed over to the Crown who decides what, if any, charges are laid. A lot of the time the offender doesn't go to jail because of BC's ridiculously lenient Justice System! It seems to favor the offender's rights over the victims! This has GOT to change I'm sorry but abuse, drugs, etc may be a reason to commit a crime but it is NOT an excuse! The police need to feel that they have lots of support to do their job - from the public, the Crown, etc so they are confident that all their hard work will not be in vain. If you have information that will help them solve a crime, step up and do your part! If you want a safer, cleaner community, report any suspicious activity or crime that you see and don't just complain about it. I think the RCMP are doing as good a job as they can do with the resources they have at their disposal. I think if Citizens contacted Victoria and protested how lenient the laws were maybe we would see less criminals getting off without any jail time. As for the guy that said he knew who all the drug dealers were, call Crimestoppers! You can even make a few dollars! If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem!! As for the Keg and Hotel, this is an issue to take up with the District as strippers are not illegal so the RCMP will not be able to do anything about it.
I'm sure the RCMP can answer any other questions you have and no, I am not an officer, am not married to an officer and don't have any affiliation with one. I, like you, was just frustrated at the criminals getting light sentences and did my own investigating.
Answer to real name
Comment by Anonymous on 26th October 2011
To know about criminal activities, you can consult the kitimat and/or Terrace court lists available on the web.
Give us real NAMES
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 26th October 2011
First of all, why don't we get to know the name of the bomb maker? That's crazy...No wonder there are rumours! Everybody's racking their brains thinking, "Who do I know that's around 20 years old that lives in those apartments?"

Secondly, why is everybody using fake names on their comments? I think that if someone has the balls to call someone else a moron, they should also have the balls to put their name on the charge. Kitimat Daily, you have a responsibility to make people put their names on their comments...In order to do this you need to have a way of identifying if a person is really who they say they are too. Otherwise, don't allow comments. Anonymous comments on news stories is how rumours start and get spread.

Of course, there might be exceptions. If a person feels they need to make a comment but fear they could be in some kind of danger if they used their name, then there should be a process by which they could submit their comments with a request to remain anonymous.
Concerned resident
Comment by Anonymous on 26th October 2011
I think it's so stupid how they can't show a picture and the name of the nut case that was makin the explosives...he was released with a slap on te wrist, who knows what hes gonna do stupid how they only show a picture when it's a certain race
To life long citizen
Comment by Makes me sad on 25th October 2011
I'm part of the younger generating in this town, so I've spent my fair share of Friday nights at the bar (not within the past year because of having a child)
But befor all these people started coming in, it was a regular thing to see minors in the hotel! And as for the drug dealers, if you don't know who they are you must be one of those people who brush it under the rug and close the blinds up tight.

Give your head a shake this town has changed and at this point it's more towards the bad changes then good. You must not have any underage kids or grandkids or else this would worry you.
Makes me sad
Comment by Makes me sad on 25th October 2011
Well said apocalypse!!!! I recently had a child and the more I hear the more I wonder what the hell happened to this town? I remember it being so quiet and being able to do things like walking home at night after work and not have to worry about what sick twisted people might be hiding around the corner!
And I'm sick of hearing about the things that happen here from everyone but the people who's jobs are to SERVE and PROTECT!
Shuttle from Camp to Kitimat Hotel
Comment by Concerned ! on 24th October 2011
I was amazed that there is now a shuttle from the Construction camp to the Stripper show at the Kitimat Hotel (does not mean they have to take the sutttle back to camp). Might be a cause for concern ??
Apoclypse Now
Comment by Life long citizen on 24th October 2011
Rarely anything you say or write is based on fact, in fact if one is to go thru all the post you write they will find that most of it is snide , weak , and petty comments with rarely a positive thing to say. Full of assumptions and weak arguments and hardly a supporting fact to go along with them. But im sure your adolecent children give you nothing but facts , maybe based on their experiences ? Are your children the ones doing the cocaine and underage drinking?
Maybe they are dealing so you have first hand experience?
And as to me being a none believer to the issues, i am well aware of the issues we have in kitimat , but i am also more aware that the problems we have are not just in our community but to all of them these days , and are actually quite tame to the problems other communities are faceing.
And by the way you dont have to go Charles Bronson on anybody , altho i doubt you have the stones to do anything but cry , and whine.
In fact if you are so concerned about traffic on your street , how about instead of talking crap about the RCMP and blaming them for issues you feel are wrecking "your " community how about you communicate with them and try a local community program such as neighbor hood watch or the likes , or use the tip line.
I mean after all your such a expert on the subject , and love to write about everybody elses short comings why dont you try writing down some license plates and hours of traffic to your suspected drug den.
So like i said instead of blaming others take a good look at what you are doing for the community. Instead of pointing out problems , try suggesting solutions.
Bears and wolverines dont bother me them i can live with , its finger pointing half wits like your self that strike a nerve with me.
How about addressiing the question i posed if you can do better why havent you run for council? Is it because then you could be held accountable instead of hiding behind your Apocalypse Now tag, and Funkinbrutta email?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 23rd October 2011
Did somebody hit a nerve? What do you suggest we as public citizens are supposed to do to get rid of drug dealers? I was born here and I know who they are ,but its illegal for me to pull a Charles Bronson on any of those scum bags. None of it is rumour my friend ,it is fact .You must be one of those people that can't believe things like this happen in this town. I have adolescent kids so i hear what goes on and I see people driving by my house to get to the drug dealers place. You sound bitter ,did a wolverine eat your cat?
Comment by Life long citizen on 23rd October 2011
You people are morons and half the problem with the town. Stop blaming the RCMP, and everybody else for what you perceive as the degradation of the town. If you are really concerned get off your arses and do something about it instead of pointing fingers and spreading rumors. If "everybody" knows who the dealers are, and "everybody" knows about underage kids drinking then either nobody cares or you’re full of it. And if the council is so bad, and ruining your perfect lives then you must be one of the folks who stepped up to run for council right.....ya right. Since you seem to know all next time you bring up a problem, bring a solution. Then put it into motion.
Or you can always move, and go cry about all the problems you think you see or hear about in the next lucky town you live in.
I agree
Comment by wow on 23rd October 2011
I so agree with the last comment by Apocalypse now, I was shocked to read what is going on at the hotel and the keg, it's been years since I have been to either of them, what a sad place this town is becoming for our young ones, most of the people in town know who are dealing the drugs so why don't the police, it' s a small town they should be able to start cleaning it up , before it gets too bad, if it's not already.
is it time to move
Comment by kitimat resident on 22nd October 2011
this is a joke whats next eli gets off come on this is gonna make people start packing guns old time western style eye for an eye sort of stuff i dont feel safe in my own town and home is it time to move we need to had this brought up at a town meting not that it will do us any good with the clowns we have now running us but i can tell you and lay money on that if some one protects them self from being hurt they will see jail time !!! its called revenge not self protection
Really ?
Comment by anonymus on 22nd October 2011
Someone in our community has been arrested for creating explosive bombs, was given strict court orders then released until a later date. Seems like now the court is giving this person a second chance at attempting it again. !!
- Is something wrong with this picture ?.
Am I the only one?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 21st October 2011
Am i the only person in Kitimat ,who feels the police do a terrible job of keeping us informed about whats going on in our community?

They have a habit of making us feel like we live in sleepy hollow ,where nothing ever goes wrong. There are a lot of things that go on in this town ,but you never hear about it through the police ,its usually by word of mouth. The report says they arrested and charged a youth in connection with the offense. Then they released him ,why the heck doesn't he go for a phsyc. evaluation before they release him.

After the last tragedy that just occurred we don't need another nutcase running around. Yes maybe the words I am using are a little harsh ,maybe the young man is stable but made a bad decision ,or what ever , but being human when the people you depend on to protect you never tell you anything and give you a false sense of security we tend to jump to conclusions.

If the police want to feel useful and make a difference in our community they should start patrolling the hotel where they can find a lot of underage kids in their and people snorting cocaine on the tables. And maybe they can start harassing some of the cocaine dealers who frequent the hotel and the other establishment, every one knows who they are .

Kitimat is going through a transformation again and with all the construction happening ,along with it come the scum of the earth. Even the escort agency in terrace has ads in the local paper looking for young girls to pimp their behinds for a share of all the cash flowing around here.

If this is an unfair criticism of our local detachment it is up to them to be more forth coming and let it be known what they are doing. Once a month at the local council meeting doesn't cut it. Maybe a few arrests of those drug dealers would help and give me confidence in the police force. maybe some of the city councilors would like to ask the police detachment about the amount of drug pushers in our community and why they can't do something about it.