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REPORTING · 2nd November 2011
Walter McFarlane
Five Questions:

We are asking each of the Candidates in the upcoming election 5 questions. The questions are reprinted below.

Question One:
What is the most significant reason you are running for Council?

Question Two:
What issue in our community do you see as the largest hurdle for the success in Kitimat?

Question Three:
What is your stance on Enbridge, In Favour of, Opposed too or Neutral? Why?

Question Four:
When we started this election, there were thirteen candidates for Alderman. This number has dropped to twelve. Is thirteen a lucky number for Kitimat or is Twelve? Why?

Question Five:

Here are links to the answers in the order in which they were received:

Danny Nunes

Joe Salema

John Pacheco

Corinne Scott

Jack Riddle

Phil Germuth

Carl Whicher

Mary Murphy

Mario Feldhoff

Bob Corless

Randy Halyk

Rob Goffinet

Joshua Callahan

Edwin Empinado

Joanne Monaghan
city hall
Comment by mary murphy on 5th November 2011
Regarding New Municipal Hall, the post office is full and they are in fact over there capacity....the cost for renting the municipal office space is 97 thousand yr, so we should look at a new municipal hall...I would be placing some of the projected revenue toward looking at this project, but the idea of utilizing old schools, nor other old buidlings doesn't inspires me. i would like to see a focal point for municiapal in other communities. The old hospital area would be a great place, but then there are outsanding issues regarding that site which needs to be addressed. Right now there is no focal point for the municipal hall....
How about?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 1st November 2011
There is the post office building for sale , would it be big enough to house all the departments we currently have operating out of the existing office? It would be kind of ironic in a way because i remember when I was growing up and the Bay building was for sale ,there were suggestions to buy that building and turn it into a city hall but the powers that be had visions of a building a new office to parallel one of the seven wonders of the world I guess, so that went nowhere . Here we are 30 years later still paying outrageous rent and no equity to show for it. The irony behind it is the owner of the post office building is the owner of the old bay building. Its just a thought.
vote for sale
Comment by greg.b. on 31st October 2011
Where are our mayor's responses?? I would like to hear Joanne Monaghan's answers to important issues, like an oil pipeline coming through our valley. Please address the Enbridge issue with a 'yes' or 'no' answer. There is enough fence sitting in this forum from candidates. Ps. I will miss the All Candidates meeting on Nov. 3 (niteshift), so can someone please address the issue of the dangerous, derelict building in the Nechako center? The candidate who tells me that building is being torn down will get my vote. Guaranteed.
City hall
Comment by richard on 31st October 2011
Hell yes,been paying on a dead horse for years.should have been done yrs ago when the boom was on..agree,when the modernization is off the ground. why has it taken so long .to talk about.finally,some fresh faces,thinking of the millions paid in rent....the rents are very high in the mall,i guess we got a sweet deal. some one did! other out-lets are responsible for the parking area`s during the winter seasons. O000 $ 110, 000 a year rental.mmmmmmmmmh don`t make sence,not to. finally,thankyou
Comment by Linda Halyk on 31st October 2011
New City Hall
Comment by Philip Germuth on 29th October 2011
A new City Hall with increased access and the ability to be more cost effective is a worthwhile idea to look into.

Of course the biggest issue is going to be the cost to taxpayers at a time when our population is shrinking. We still have our pool loan to pay off also.

As for location I would wonder about the possibility of one of our empty schools being converted of if the city could purchase a derelict building site and build there.

Along with Danny Nunes though I agree we would probably be smarter to wait until there are some guarantees that projects are going to be completed before going forward seriously.

But that does not mean that we cant at least look into it.
DoK offices
Comment by Carl on 29th October 2011
I believe DoK pays about $110K per year on their office lease. Short term, I would not favour building new offices, as it would require lots of tax dollars, and lots of staff time, and I think there are more pressing priorities to be dealt with right now.
You have a point Danny
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 28th October 2011
You have made some good points Daniel. I will call you Daniel That sounds more like a mayors name than Danny,lol. All joking aside, Building a City hall when there are not any trades men around to build it only drives up costs. Had this been bandied about years ago it would have more than paid for itself. Having said that , I wouldn't be surprised if the money the district spends per month on rent is quite a substantial amount,probably equivalent to paying off a mortgage on a new building .But I appreciate your quick response and hopefully some body can come up with some rough costs. PS it doesn't have to be the taj Mahal just an energy efficient structure.
Building a City Hall
Comment by Danny Nunes on 28th October 2011
If there was enough interest for it in the community I would put it to a local referendum and allow the community to decide on it as it would be quite the undertaking and pricey at first but I would ask administration to prepare a report of the long term savings of it and then have that available to the community and then let democracy decide what the town wants.

I would stress though that it might be best to wait after one of the major projects on the horizon has finished construction and the district has accumlated some tax revenue before proceeding as I wouldnt want to once again have to make cuts to anymore essential services and programs to keep the budget balanced.
A question for all Candidates.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 28th October 2011
The municipal offices have been located in the upper city center mall for approx.30 years. Are any of you running for council willing to look into the benefits of building an actual city hall. I assume the money spent on heat and rent over the past 30 years has exceeded the costs of building a city hall. The tax payers have subsidized the mall long enough,its time to move out and free up every square inch of retail space for the supposedly prosperous times ahead. I look forward to a few replies.
Clean Slate
Comment by Louise on 22nd October 2011
It's such a relief to see these new faces running for Council. Out with the old, in with the new! The current M & C are dysfunctional (my teenagers behavior better). They look tired of their job, lethargic on camera, so let's relieve them of their duties. Their space could be better used by a new M & C with a pulse…and fresh ideas, enthusiasm, and determination to get cracking on issues that have plagued this community for way, way too many years (ocean access past RTA, vacant buildings, poor street/sidewalk lighting, snow clearing,…). Do you know what Council has approved your tax dollars for? Do your research. We need leadership. We need accountability. The buck stops here. Say no to the status quo by voting for The New Faces.
Be interesting to read
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 22nd October 2011
Be interesting to compare the answers to the questions by Councillors Goffinet, Scott, Feldhoff, and Corless.....(and the Mayor) the incumbents

But as yet.... no answer from three (4 if you count the mayor) of them yet

How they all voted and what they supported and spent your tax dollars on is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD check it out you'll be shocked.

Please on election day put KITIMAT FIRST