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NEWS RELEASE · 20th October 2011
Jack Riddle
Question One:

What is the most significant reason you are running for Council?

I moved to Kitimat five years ago to make it my retirement home. In these five years I have seen our little town excited with the Kitimat Modernization announcement and disheartened by the pull out of Eurocan. Now Kitimat is poised for a huge revitalization and I want to be a part of it. I would like to think that my 25 years as an RCMP officer and my 15 years as Senior Watch Commander at the Rescue Co-ordination Centre prepared me to make the tough decisions council is going to have to make.

Question Two:

What issue in our community do you see as the largest hurdle for the success in Kitimat?

The largest hurdle Kitimat will face as we expand and grow will be the protection of our environment. As we move forward we will want to ensure the protection of our rivers, lakes and ocean, that they remain pristine.

Question Three:

What is your stance on Enbridge, In Favour of, Opposed too or Neutral? Why?

Since the very beginning I have been against Enbridge and huge tankers plying our waters .... I saw the damage done to Prince William Sound! Although I know that all the reports are not in, I still do not think the benefits can out weight the risks. The bottom line is that we cannot prevent human error.

Question Four:

When we started this election, there were 13 candidates for Alderman. This number has dropped to twelve. Is thirteen a lucky number for Kitimat or is Twelve? Why?

I am a little unsure what “lucky 13” has to do with this election but do think that having more running rather than less is a good thing. The vote should instead be about integrity, hard work, commitment and the ability to stand up for what you believe in.

Question Five:

I have the experience and time to dedicate to the tough issues to be faced by Kitimat and its residents. I want this little town to be a place where my grandchildren can find employment but still enjoy the lifestyle we presently have.
top three priorities
Comment by Jack Riddle on 28th October 2011
I believe that the issue of the Enbridge oil pipeline must be number one. I am inclined to think that Enbridge is moving ahead with their plans possibly even with government support and we will not hear about it until the pipeline is in our backyard. That is exactly what happened in Jasper National Park. We the people of Kitimat and our Council must take a stand now, we cannot sit on the fence any longer.
I recognize that we are wanting jobs in Kitimat but be aware that once the pipeline is built there will be very few jobs for locals. Instead we will be left to watch for the inevitable and it will happen! It is a legacy I would hate to leave for our children.

The environment becomes number two as Douglas Channel is recognized as an excellant deep sea port and a short route to the Orient. It should concern all the citizens of Kitimat that the environment as we know it, be left to our children in the same condition it is today. I feel strongly that we can have growth, job creation and wealth without compromising on our obligations as guardians of our environment.

Number three is the issue of preparation for the boom that is about to happen, is happening already with RTA and the LNG plants. Is Kitimat ready with Doctors, the hospital, city maintenance, recreation etc.. It seems to me that we are already short of Doctors, so are we actively recruiting? What about hospital beds?

I know you only asked for three but I am going to give you four. I am aware of the importance to you, the taxpayer of accountablility and transparency and I will address this issue if elected.

Top Three Priorities?
Comment by Mike Forward on 27th October 2011
Mr. Riddle, what would you characterize as the top three priorities that Kitimat's Municipal Council should be focussing on at this current moment?