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CONTRIBUTION · 20th October 2011
Corinne Scott
Question 1

What is the most significant reason you are running for Council?

During the past year a number of significant projects were started –among them was the stand alone Advisory Commission for Persons with Disabilities. This is a segment of our society where the issues they face have been put on the bottom of the priority list. I want to ensure that money is set aside in the budget each year, and that steady progress is made to ensure that Kitimat is accessible to ALL residents of our community.

Question 2

What issue in our community do you see as the largest hurdle for the success of Kitimat?

I believe water access is the largest hurdle we face. We need water access for future developments that benefit Kitimat, whether it is a new marina, port facility, ferry terminal, and future industrial development. We not only need the waterfront access, but also need the road networks to the waterfront.

Question 3

What is your stance on Enbridge? In favour of, opposed to, or neutral? Why?

I am not opposed to Enbridge as a company. They’re in business to supply the demand for other industries, to the best of their abilities. What I AM opposed to is the federal and provincial governments allowing the export of Canada’s raw resources. Alberta’s heavy oil should be upgraded and refined before piping it to ports for shipment. The same can be said regarding the shipment of raw logs, after mills have closed across B.C. We need to stand up and be heard that we want jobs to remain in B.C. and Canada and value added to our natural resources prior to export.

Question 4

When we started this election, there were 13 candidates for Alderman. This number has
dropped to twelve. Is thirteen a lucky number for Kitimat or is twelve? Why?

I was happy to have thirteen candidates interested in being on Council and felt that Ray Raj was an excellent candidate. I was aware that a candidate could sit as a school trustee as well as be on Council. It would have made Mr. Raj’s life extremely busy, so understood when he withdrew as a candidate for Council after being appointed a school trustee by acclamation. As only six positions are available, having exactly double the number of candidates gives the constituents a good choice on Election Day. As it stands now – 12 is our lucky number……..



Kitimat needs critical thinkers around the Council table that will work together respectfully and in a positive manner. Everyone has varied experiences and backgrounds, which is good in the decision making process when looking at the issues facing our community. A good decision making body is made up of people that look at issues from various sides, but they also must respect others differing opinions and be willing to compromise at times. Council members are elected by the people to ‘serve’ the District of Kitimat, not for their own aggrandizement.

Please vote on Election Day – November 19th – to be sure your wishes are known.
Health Care - Age Friendly - Youth Friendly Community
Comment by Corinne Scott on 3rd November 2011
I AM interested in an Age Friendly, accessible- for -EVERYONE community, which doesn't detract from also ensuring a good balance of recreational activities and opportunities for young people.
I've helped establish the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation and am currently the President, to work towards and raise money for additional multi level care beds in our hospital. It's a positive step towards working with the Northern Health Authority to ensure we have the care for our aging community and help in providing equipment that otherwise we may not be able to obtain.

Kitimat has first class recreation facilities and opportunities for all ages, which makes it a great place for people to live. We have exceptional facilities for a community of our size, among them a 1st class golf course, an amazing pool and two ice rinks, as well as an incredible area for cross country skiing. I was in favour of rejuvenating the outdoor basketball and tennis courts at the school, as well as assisting the Shames Mountain Co-op in their efforts to continue the down hill ski operations. Kitimat not only has amazing recreational opportunities, including clubs offering numerous activities for physical fitness, but a wide variety of cultural activities as well, with the library, museum, live theatre productions and musicals.

I've also worked with education facilities in the past to ensure students have courses offered through the schools and post secondary institutes that match the need with industry in order for students to be ready to obtain meaningful employment. I'd like to use my experience to bring the same results in Kitimat. I feel apprenticeships and trades training is an important area to develop.

I have operated and been involved with small businesses in the past, and am currently the President of a successful industrial business located in Alberta with my sons. I understand the issues facing small business, and want to ensure that Kitimat is an attractive place for entrepeneurs to locate here. Small business and industry is the framework of our society, and integral to the health of our community.

I feel I have a good balance of experience to offer the residents as a Councillor to ensure our community has job, education, recreational and cultural opportunities, for a balanced healthy community.
health care
Comment by Barb Robson on 30th October 2011
Ms Scott
You seem to want to pramote kitimat as a retirement community. so my question to you is did you stop to think about multi level care that the aging needs? we have no space for the elderly that we have in the community now. We also have a young population that is growing up in a town that has nothing for them. why not try and gain entertainment and other resources for them.
Reply to Thomas Campbell
Comment by Corinne Scott on 27th October 2011
Where do I start with a reply? You did ask ONE question "do you just say things so you can get elected?" The answer is 'NO'.

I put my name forward last year and again this year because a number of people encouraged me, as they feel I can make a difference for our community. Actions do speak louder than words, and I feel my actions and accomplishments in one year stand for themselves. There's still lots to be done - but one person can't do it all and that's why having seven individuals on a Council with different points of view and interests, working together is critical. I don't shy away from differing points of view, but I do challenge people to be respectful.

You're mistaking in your comment that I challenged another candidate (who I'm sure is your wife) who stated the largest hurdle facing the community was access and having water front property, and now I seem to have changed my mind. My statement last year was that we had plenty of 'land' available that could be developed. I've always stated that we need water access particularly for additional marina's.

With regards to my vote in favour of providing $15,000 operating funds for 2011 for Shames Mountain Co-op was ONE vote. Councillor Corless is the Kitimat Rep on the Regional District Board and he voted against providing funds to help purchase Shames Mountain at their meeting, however the motion was passed. I provided my explanation of why I voted to in my reply to Keven.

By the way, I admire and respect Linda's efforts on behalf of Kitimat, and am currently working at taking a document forward that she worked diligently on "Age Friendly Communities - Measuring Up Kitimat". Her work has been very valuable to the new Advisory Commission for Persons with Disabilities, as well as the Snowflake Seniors initiative making Kitimat an Age Friendly Community.

I'm not sure where your animosity is coming from, but I do wish you luck in chosing the candidates of your choice in this election.
Reply to Keven
Comment by Corinne Scott on 27th October 2011
I am pro business and wish to ensure that Kitimat is "Open for Business" to attract retail and industrial development. As a municipality we cannnot put in unessary or frivilous road blocks to development. On the other hand we want to ensure that development happens in an orderly way, and there IS a balance that can be attained.

As far as voting for a $15,000 grant to Shames Mountain Co-op, I feel it WILL benefit Kitimat. I know a young couple that moved to Kitimat this summer, bought a house, and will likely start a new business in the next few years. Their decision to move to Kitimat was based on a number of things, including the excellent schools, health care, and the recreation facilities available in Kitimat, including mountain snow mobiling and down hill skiing all within an hour of Kitimat. They skiied at Shames last winter when they were in Kitimat visiting, and consider it an excellent hill. $15,000 as a one time grant in 2011 to assist with 'operation costs' only, is a small amount to pay when we now have even one more new family living in our community that chose Kitimat because of the recreation within our area. It is still up to the Shames Mountain Co-op to actually raise the money to purchase the ski hill and get it operating this year. If they don't, the grant will not be paid.

I feel it's critical to attract additional retailers to our community, and we need to ensure that we welcome new people which makes Kitimat a viable location to operate new businesses.

Thank you for taking the time to ask the question.
To Apocalypse Now
Comment by Corinne Scott on 27th October 2011
Answering the question regarding an oil pipeline is difficult with either a yes or no answer, and I'm sure a lot of people feel the same. I'm pro development and encourage industry and retail growth, however the more I've read, heard and learned, I'm feeling apprehensive about whether a pipeline CAN be built across northern B.C. in a safe manner. Various experts in enviornmental studies pose some very good arguements against a northern pipeline from landslides to mountain terrain susceptible to avalanches. As the environmental assessment review has not yet been completed, I don't know what or how Enbridge plans to overcome these obstacles. It appears to me the benefits obtained through limited job opportunities do not begin to outweigh the risks to our environment. That being said, the Council passed a motion before I got on, that they would remain neutral. As elected officials we need to look at both sides of every issue very carefully. This one is going to be a corker!

Thank you for taking the time to ask for clarification.
Typical social conservative answers
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 22nd October 2011
Ms. Scott, during the last election you challanged another candidate who stated the largest hurdle facing our community was access to and having water front property! Yet here you are now in 2011 claiming the same thing!!!! Amazing... What changed your mind? You quoted facts and figures a few years to defend your position that Kitimat had plenty of water front property... what happened to it... Or do you just say things so you can get elected?

Your answer on enbridge is priceless social conservative speak.... its meaningless and you're trying to secure my vote with that? I'm opposed to the pipleine Ms. Scott... now get my vote....

By the way Ms. Scott position on Shames is in the municipal record..she voted in favor.... TWICE...(Municipal and regional = approx. 45000K)

The complete record of how and what MS Scott and the Mayor's Gang of four voted on issues facing our communty are available through the District of Kitimat.... ACTIONS speak louder than words....

Please people...put Kitimat First....
my questions
Comment by Keven on 21st October 2011
what is your stance on giving money away like counsel just did for shames?
there has long been a perception that councel wanted to keep businesses out of kitimat...whats your stance on bringing in some competition? or even a big box store?
Tell me more
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 20th October 2011
You are not opposed to Enbridge as a company,but you are against selling off our resources which is good. But you know there is no possibility of a refinery being built,so I can only assume you are against the pipe line,you can still not oppose Enbrige the company but you can oppose the pipe line. Could you please answer this for me Ms. Scott. I look forward to your reply.