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CONTRIBUTION · 20th October 2011
John Pacheco
Question One:

What is the most significant reason you are running for Council?

The $15,000 that was flush down the toilet towards Terrace’s Shames Mountain. Our city council needs change….It has been a country club far too long….Enough is enough…Out with the old, in with the New. Put Kitimat First, not Terrace, or other communities. Kitimat MUST utilizes the town assets.

Question Two:

What issue in our community do you see as the largest hurdle for the success in Kitimat?

The town of Kitimat has no Trust in council. We need to add pride back to our community. Let us change council and replace them with younger more energetic members, which are willing to think out of the box.

Question Three:

What is your stance on Enbridge, In Favour of, Opposed too or Neutral? Why?

Neutral, Enbridge…I honesty say I do not know enough to commit to a side. One thing I do know is the Enbridge debate is going to last longer than the next term of office. If it is good for Kitimat Yes, If is bad for Kitimat No

Question Four:

When we started this election, there were 13 candidates for Alderman. This number has dropped to twelve. Is thirteen a lucky number for Kitimat or is Twelve? Why?

If the entire old regime is not re-elected, then lucky Twelve it is.

Question Five:


Collection of fragrant dried flowers: a collection of dried flower petals, leaves, herbs, and spices that is used to scent the air ' is what the current and past Kitimat council DOES NOT smell like… Far from it.
Response to…It’s too bad
Comment by John Pacheco on 1st November 2011
I have read some of your opinion and complaints on numerous social outlets.
I hope to see your name on the next election ballot in 3 years.

It's too bad...
Comment by Mike Forward on 31st October 2011
...that you seem unwilling to expand on your thoughts and vision for the future of Kitimat. My vote is available, but if you react to any questions or adversity by simply stating it's our right not to vote for you rather than share your point of view, then as you said, I know for whom I will not be voting.'re not telling us much.
Comment by John Pacheco on 30th October 2011
MAKE KITIMAT FIRST is my platform. Simple... the Good of Kitimat come first.

‘Criticise existing council and mayor’ ...the majority of my peers feel what I feel. People want change; I step to the plate to offer a change. If you feel I am unable the represent your best interest, then on Nov 19, I know whom you are Not voting.'re not telling us much.
Comment by Mike Forward on 29th October 2011
You and your supporters are preaching "Kitimat First" far and wide, but you're not providing an awful lot of information either on here or on your Facebook group. It's clear that the ski hill is a major issue for you, but where do you stand on other issues?

You are quick to criticise existing council and mayor - how will you interact with them if you suddenly find yourself working alongside them?

Will you be able to broker respectful and civil relationships not only with your fellow councilors, but our neighbours? The Haisla, the Terrace Council, RDKS, major corporate citizens in town, our MLA and MP, and the provincial and federal governments?

What plans apart from lobbying for a local skihill do you have for the betterment of the future of Kitimat? Have you thoroughly researched the issues that people expect our councilors to be well versed on?
Response to letter: 'Don't know enough'. Good quote
Comment by John Pacheco on 28th October 2011
I challenge you to step up and make a difference DG. You have the right to vote for whom you wish, if you wish for the same old, vote the status quo.
'Don't know enough'. Good quote.
Comment by DG on 27th October 2011

 You have a opinion  on the family oriented, community owned, co-operative ski hill,  but on the enbridge issue you 'don't know enough about it?'

Then you should not be running for council. 

There has been no shortage of information, public hearings, media on
This subject.  To run for council to 'lead', and not have taken the the time to form an opinion on this matter is absurd.

While being well intentioned  to get involved, the issues facing our community in the next while are too important.

Running just to 'rock the boat' and 'throw out the old', and be uninformed on the monumental subjects facing our community is a very dangerous mix.

Response to letter: Let's not be biased
Comment by John Pacheco on 23rd October 2011
Robert R.
Kitimat Council need to expand to social media. Via webcam live stream, this is an avenue for everyone whom do not have channel 10 or unable to attend the meeting in person. This will enable to view the council meeting live anywhere on the planet.
Create a stand alone Kitimat Council web page that has a matrix meeting minutes that will detail what has been discussed, by whom, dates of completion, what action need to be taken before the next meeting, and so on.
Erect a billboard, for the purpose of advertising dates of meeting.
Kitimat is the town that has the City Hall in the mall, what a joke. Once the economic recovery in Kitimat is in full swing, Kitimat needs to look at building a respectful City Hall that can address a disabled-friendly facility. In the mean time, every taxpayer citizens has a right to attend a council meeting. The $15,000 council sent to Terrace could well better spent on a lift to help with the disable.
Kitimat Council needs to get the word out on the importance of the budget via advertising and social media.
MAKE KITIMAT FIRST. Visit kitimatfirst on facebook for more opinions and discussion

Response to letter: Health Care
Comment by John Pacheco on 23rd October 2011
Kitimat Council has a duty to meet with the Northern Health Authority and get 24-hour Home Support for the elderly, so that they may remain in their homes as long as possible. Northern Health Authority must also provide 24-hour support for the residents living at Delta King. I believe at present, that there is only Home Support available for days and afternoons. A 24-hour Home Support for love ones in their homes and Delta King, will free up acute care beds for the sick and surgery patients needs.
MAKE KITIMAT FIRST. Visit kitimatfirst on facebook for more opinions and discussion

Let's not be biased
Comment by Robert R. on 23rd October 2011
Let's not focus this town on retirees, let's focus on multi-age-ical - everyone. A Council made up of young and not-so-young is ideal. Experience is good, but who says the young don't have what it takes to make the difference? From what I've seen so far, it's definitely worth a try.
John: 1. What changes will you make to better advertise Council meetings to encourage public participation at them? 2. Council has been reluctant to move their meetings to a more disabled-friendly facility. What is your stand on this? 3. Budget discussions early in the year are open to the public, but public turn-out is dismal. Before the 2012 budget meetings take place, what will you do to encourage residents to get involved, review the proposed budget items, attend the budget discussions, and voice their opinion?
Health Care
Comment by Sharon on 22nd October 2011
What would you do to expedite the eldery that are wait listed for MLC from our acute care ward in the Kitimat facility,so it can be utilized for the purpose that it was intended those who are sick, and those who need surgery? You say that you are thinking outside of the box what would your answer be?
Liked it to a point
Comment by Keven on 21st October 2011
Well said on most of your issues but it seems you waffle on the Endbridge Issue. If its Good Yes, Bad No? spoken like a true politician! Take a stand! how do you plan on going into elections with little understanding on one of the Biggest issues to face our community in years?
younger more energetic
Comment by Linda Halyk on 20th October 2011
Younger more energetic members on council. You have now said it twice that I am aware of. Do you really want to bring age into this debate? With age comes experience and knowledge. I fear you are allienating all the not younger voters, Kitimat has a lot of retirees.
Green Lantern Corps
Comment by Danny Nunes on 20th October 2011
Who wouldnt vote for members of the Green Lantern Corps.