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CONTRIBUTION · 20th October 2011
Danny Nunes
Question 1

What is the most significant reason you are running for Council?

Well I am in fact running for mayor but seeing as how the mayor is essentially the one who is to lead and provide the necessary leadership and abide by the will of council and use there input and put it into action to do what is in the best interest of the community I can answer this.

I am running not to win or even to ask for the electorates vote. I am running simply to get some ideas out there that if I cant implement then perhaps someone who does win will or at least be open to them.

I have stated my stances and my beliefs and what I would like to see and although I do so at times with tongue in cheek humour and exaggeration I believe my heart is in the right place & from there I leave it up to others to decide how they interpret it.

I do feel there is an unnecessary divide in the community based on years of anger, hurt and frustration and that will only continue to build and until this is addressed reasonably in an honest and fair manner it wont matter who you elect because this issue will rear its ugly head again and again and lead this community into a continuing downward spiral.

Call me a hypocrite based on what you think of me or believe me to be but even the most closed minded I doubt could say what I state above is wrong or a lie.

Question Two:

What issue in our community do you see as the largest hurdle for the success in Kitimat?

I ask people to refer to my answer in Question 1 as it is essentially the same answer I would provide here...except I am concerned we wont have enough waffles and syrup for them during a future planetary crisis.

Question Three:

What is your stance on Enbridge, In Favour of, Opposed too or Neutral? Why?

I have answered this question as well before in things I have written online but for those who didnt read it I will copy and paste my answer here.

I am dead set against the pipeline and think its a stupid idea and is only even being considered out of horrible desperation at a time when the community has suffered greatly with the loss of industry and people, but desperation never leads to good decisions and this one screams bad decision.

Yes Yes I know we need jobs, and yes I am aware that the major industry’s that have opened shop in this town weren’t exactly environmentally friendly but theirs one major thing they had that this pipeline didn’t. Some guarantees and certainty’s and written contracts with some safeguards.
We are taking a huge risk whether you want to believe it or not with this project and what in the end are we getting in Okay then how many are we getting? That number keeps fluctuating day by day. What kind of jobs are they? Are they simply temporary construction jobs? Sure that seems like such a big number on paper but when the works done...they are gone. Then we need to look at how many “permanent jobs” were created in the community cause those are the future building ones that will keep money circulating locally and build a future for this town. Lets not cheer a new boom cycle in this community that’s really only 25% of the last boom cycle in this place and will lead to a bust cycle in no time flat.

Question Four:

When we started this election, there were 13 candidates for Alderman. This number has dropped to twelve. Is thirteen a lucky number for Kitimat or is Twelve? Why?

Numbers and the mythologies and superstitions around them only have as much power as you give them. If you believe the number 13 is unlucky based on a long held superstition then your own mind will trick you into believing that and you will be led into actions that are well...unlucky for you.

Also avoid Friday the 13th if you live or plan to spend anytime around campgrounds. I heard this rumor about a maniac named Jason Voorhees who wears a hockey mask and stalks people who use these types of places. I don’t know what his stance is on the number 12 but I wager hes not very talkative.

Question Five:


I like potpourri. It smells nice and its good to have an some in the bathroom at times after one has a bowel movement.
yay for freedom of speech
Comment by :) on 26th October 2011
Standing Tall
Comment by Linda Halyk on 24th October 2011
Linda C thank you for standing up for free speech, you stood-up for me once and it sure feels good.
A lot of the comments on here were from the same people that came down on a couple of us that said use your name. WOW you were very quick to tell us that it was your right to freedom of speech and that you comments were just as important as anyone's even if they used their names and you didn't. A tad hypocritical don't you think.
You have your rights but because he's not like you and probably not like me, you think it is alright to come at him with guns blazing. Telling him he needs help, therapy etc etc. . Are any of you qualified to make that judgment?
So what if he gets his message out differently than you expected. He has every right.
Comment by Danny Nunes on 23rd October 2011
Its unfortunate you felt the need to edit your initial comment as I liked that one a lot more than this new one.

Especially the part about if anyone had actually sat down and talked to me about local issues.

People only see me one way but there are others who are aware that I actually know what I am talking about when it comes to this communitys issues.

I dont want to win and state in my writings that I dont seek votes so for anyone to waste any energy attacking me makes no sense.

For those who attack me...continue to underestimate me and look at me with the eyes of ignorance.

Believe me its to my advantage to have you do that.

You might be surprised to know just who in positions of influence and power in Kitimat...look to me for advice.

Thank Goodness for Fredom of Speech
Comment by Linda Campbell on 22nd October 2011
Anyone recall this past summer and the mayor on national media stated that OUR COMMUNITY WAS BEING HELD HOSTAGE BY A ROVING PACK OF WOLVERINES! Speaking of needing a REALITY CHECK!

This community has very little tolerance for anyone who does not fit into its mold. Danny on a number of occasions has been physically attacked because of Daring to be Different!
This is not the first community to have someone run in a election that has differing views from mainstream thinkers. Ever hear of the Rhino Party of BC.
You dont have to like the way Danny delivers his message, challenge the message not the messenger!
Freedom of speech
Comment by Keven on 21st October 2011
I know Danny has a way of getting his message across and it sometimes seems well different. That being said Its called Freedom of Speech and if he wants to talk about Friday the 13th as part of his platform thats his purogative. Thats why we vote.Although I would have liked to see more substance in his answers, I do know from his Utube Videos He does have the towns interest at heart even if I do disagree with his feelings on the pipeline.
My response
Comment by Danny Nunes on 20th October 2011
I want to thank Carol for proving my point in response to the first question that was posed to me about why I was running in the election.

This is a quote from my first answer.

"I do feel there is an unnecessary divide in the community based on years of anger, hurt and frustration and that will only continue to build and until this is addressed reasonably in an honest and fair manner it wont matter who you elect because this issue will rear its ugly head again and again and lead this community into a continuing downward spiral."

This answer also applies to the community as a whole.

By attacking me and insulting me you are making the true mockery of the election and of the community.

As for those who are attacking this paper for publishing my answers you just proved you are an enemy of democracy and of free speech and I hope you dont vote for me or anyone else and stay home on election night if that is your outlook.

Oh and another tidbit Merv forgot to mention.
This site you all use and get your information from...Walter Mcfarlane is the brilliance that makes it run but in 2007 I am the one who discovered this site when it was in its infancy. I liked Mervs way of reporting because it was different, it had balls, it did the job other media had ignored and I contacted him and wanted to promote my cable access program.

Through me Merv was introduced to Walter who was working with me at the time on cable access TV and Merv saw in Walter what I did...someone with talent who wasnt getting the recognition he deserved in his own hometown.

So in other words...I helped co found this very news source you now want to see banish me.

This also came about about after Walter and I defended this community from a canadian free press reporter who trashed the community nationally on the internet and we produced a video to defend this community...and this is how we are paid back is it? very well...

You dare Judge me based on your prejudice, your closed mindedness and stereotypes but know this.

I am not running to seek your vote...I am running to see if you as a whole are a community thats open to change or one that will continue to give in to hate, fear and ignorance.

So far you dont have my vote.
I can respond why Nunes gets to respond.
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 20th October 2011
In 2007 there was an art show at a Coffee shop in Terrace called ‘The Artful Cup’. I was a kinda new reporter and watched the video presentations, the acting and the scenic presentations. I sat down next to respectable older woman and shared my thoughts about one of the craziest things I had ever seen, ‘Alcoholic Spiderman’. I commented about how immature it was expressing my total abhorrence at the video production even participating in the Art Show.

I was sitting next to the mother of the producer of the video.

Four years later, and ever since that day, I have enjoyed one of the happiest periods of my life.

I came to accept how valuable every single contribution is to our world, as ridiculous and crazy as one might think the antics of living are.

Danny is prepared to force you to look at yourself and your own boxed lifestyle.

What is wrong with someone standing with a sign in a Batman suit, attempting to shake the stodgy attitude of a politician, proclaiming and boldly yelling out, “I’m Bruce Wayne!” ? Danny did this to Christy Clark. It was simply hilarious.

Why are we all conforming to an acceptable standard of behaviour. And even worse, with the death of a woman in Kitimat by a truly outrageous act, whatever would cause you to sneer at someone having fun?

Walter, one of my best friends, and the reason behind the success of the Kitimat Daily, was the producer of that show at the Artful Cup. Danny Nunes was the star actor. FayEllen, Walters mother, was the kind woman who still accepted me as her friend after my inconsiderate critique of the ‘Dare to be Stupid Show’ a production now internationally recognized.

You may offer your critique, but do not insult the integrity and desire to make Kitimat a better place.

Everyone just has a different way of attempting to get to the same place; health, wealth and prosperity.

Personally I would be proud to have such an outrageous individual as my Mayor. It would be like telling the rest of society, the part which has us all in such debt and turmoil, that which we current perpetuate, to; Take a Hike!
Reality Check?
Comment by snowbird on 20th October 2011
Quite frankly I am not at all surprised by some of the replies given by Mr. Danny Nunes.. What has me wondering though, is the credibility of this Newspaper for publishing such rubbish. Good luck to all Candidates that are taking the upcoming Election as seriously as it should be taken.
you need professional help in my o pinion
Comment by carol on 20th October 2011
omg, I cannot believe the crap that came out of Danny's mouth. I also cannot believe that the Kitimat Daily Online actually published this god, someone has to tell him he needs help. Therapy, something...
I have never read such nonsense in all my life, what an embarassment.
shaking my head
Comment by carol on 20th October 2011
omg, jason with his knife running around campsites with his mask on? Is that the same costume you wear, aside from Freddy Kruger and Spiderman? Oh, let's not forget your Ninja Turtle Nose. Waffles and syrup and planetary crisis? Bowel movement? We have good therapist's in town, ever thought of going to see one? I have not read such crap coming from a grown man, well, ever! Please look into Therapy, It may do you some good....