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REPORTING · 19th October 2011
Walter McFarlane
Council kicked off its regular meeting for Monday, October 17th with good news. “We start our Council Meetings with good news and we have some good news tonight,” said Mayor Joanne Monaghan.

She started by thanking all of the people who worked on the Aluminium City Telethon and announced the final total of over $45,000 from when the Telethon went off air. She reminded everyone there was more to be counted and added there was more set aside. With this money, they could go to Northern Development Initiative Trust and they will double the money, turning $50,000 to $100,000.

Monaghan’s next announcement is two professors from UNBC will be meeting with Rio Tinto Alcan, Kitimat Valley Institute and herself to put some input from Apache, BC LNG and the Haisla Nation on the educational needs for these projects will be and how these needs will be met.

She announced Apache has received their export license for the next twenty years. Read the release here.

Monaghan reminded everyone the Unsightly Premises Task Force will be presenting to Council with information on what they could do to address the problem of unsightly premises.

Finally, she encouraged everyone to look at the refurbished wall at Centennial Park. “As you know, it was presented to Council to do away with the wall and surrounding area. Council stepped in and said, ‘no, we want it revitalized. The wall is finished. Please take a look, I think you will be pleased,” said Monaghan.
Did we make the $50,000 Goal?
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 27th October 2011
If we didn't...The child development center or one of the other benefactors needs to donate the shortfall. I can't imagine losing 50,000 dollars because we were a couple thousand short.
Comment by richard on 23rd October 2011
instead we lose. what`s new.
Telethon versus Shames
Comment by Linda Halyk on 21st October 2011
Lets do some math. 45 + 15 = 60 x 2 = 120 how about turning it into $120,000.