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REPORTING · 19th October 2011
Walter McFarlane
On Wednesday, September 14, Sport BC gave out the awards for Community Sport Heroes. These awards were started back in 2001.

“Sporting makes up the largest part of any volunteer sector. It is about 34,000 organizations in over 5.3 million volunteers. Tonight, we’re going to honour 4 of those volunteers in the Kitimat area,” said Carey Summerfelt.

Martin Gould, representing Mayor Joanne Monaghan, as well as Kid Sport, stepped up. He explained how Kid Sport allows youth who normally would not be able to play sports to get involved.

He then read a few words from Monaghan apologizing for not being there. “A volunteer is someone who gives their time, on average, approximately 143 hours a year. It’s a lot of time, gives their energy and talent to others and asks nothing in return. Sports and recreations depends on volunteers as we all know. Without them, immature sport simply does not happen in our community or the many communities across the province. Volunteers carry out every key aspect of sports and recreation in our community, from coaching to provided transportation,” read Gould. Gould thanked the winners on behalf of the Mayor.

Don Markwart for softball was the first recipient. Markwart was described as a coach, umpire, organizer and overseer of all the softball in Kitimat, determined to keep softball alive.

“It’s always nice to be recognized by your community for volunteering but just looking at this small sample I can see that softball, which I’m primary involved with also has involved a large number of the other people in this room,” said Markwart. “There are lots of people who helped me do the things which I am credited for.”

The second recipient was Mark Roberge. Roberge is a volunteer with woman’s hockey, having volunteered for over 10 years, working with teenagers helping them excel in the sport. He has been a positive influence with the girls and has impacted many lives.

“It takes a lot of work, anyone who is involved in hockey in a small town, we have to do a lot of things a lot differently then other communities. Without parents and the players, […] it’s because of them, I keep doing it,” said Roberge.

The third recipient was Clint Marshall with Fastball. He has been coaching for ten years. He gives many hours to the sport, even in the wintertime. The kids have a great time and he keeps the kids coming back. Marshall was not present to accept the award but sent his daughter to accept.

Marshell sent thanks to all the coaches who gave their time to lead the youth and the people who made minor softball work in the community. He thanked the players. He finally thanked his wife for all the support she has provided over the years.

The final winner to be recognized was Rena Hummel, a long time volunteer with the Snow Valley Skating Club who gives her time for announcing and is so involved with the sport, they would be lost without her. Hummel thanked everyone, and club for letting her stay with them for so long. She expressed her love for the sport with tears of joy.

Each of the winners received a trophy and a $100 gift certificate for Four Star Sports.