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REPORTING · 18th October 2011
Philip Germuth
My name is Phil Germuth. I was born and raised in Kitimat and have lived here for 44 years. I intend to remain and retire here. Kitimat will always be my home.

I graduated from Mount Elizabeth Seconday School in 1985 and immediately started my apprenticeship for Automotive Technician.

I started Phil’s Mobile Service in 1992. I also worked at Alcan in casting for two and a half years. I then left Alcan to go on my own.

The Big Political Picture:

I believe that B.C. can be (and should be) one of the richest provinces in Canada. Our healthcare, education and infrastructure should be second to none. But it is not. Why?

In my opinion it is because the Provincial Government has mismanaged our natural resources and the B.C. economy by giving away our resources without proper ‘value adding’. By doing so, we are putting not only ourselves but future generations in financial jeopardy.

So what can we do about this at the municipal level? To be effective we must try to change Provincial Government policy on the economy and the use of natural resources.

My position on Healthcare:

We are all in the same boat. Every community in B.C. has faced cutbacks of services and our healthcare system is in big trouble.

I believe that our best opportunity to not only to keep what services we have in Kitimat and to increase services is to have local corporations work with Kitimat Council to lobby the Provincial Government for funding to meet our needs.

Both RTA and KLNG are collectively expecting to have several thousand construction workers here for their projects. It is to be expected that both corporations are very concerned about the health and safety of their employees and if a major accident happens the corporations would want only the most modern, state of the art equipment and required staff to deal with a situation right here in Kitimat.

I believe that local corporations should show community support not only for healthcare services, but also for education and those services which make Kitimat a better place.

My position on Enbridge:

You have already read how I feel about selling off our resources without ‘value adding‘ and you might suspect that I do not see this project as such a great idea. You would be right. However, build a refinery to process the crude, and I will be there to lead the parade.

Many people believe that this project is a done deal and will be forced upon us no matter what we say. If this happens, sad as it may be, then we need to make sure that Kitimat gets any and every possible benefit from this project.

My position on Rio Tinto Alcan:

I fully support the construction and operation of a modern environmentally safe smelter of at least 400,000 metric tonnes. I also encourage the RTA Board of Directors to give full and final approval to complete this project as soon as possible.

I also believe that I can work with Council on these important issues:

Encourage and promote sustainable, environmentally sound economic development through an efficient, fiscally responsible local government and administration. I favour and support the LNG project, the aluminum smelting industry, secondary manufacturing and green jobs .

Create waterfront access for development. Lobby the Provincial Government for construction of a provincial highway down the west side of Douglas Channel to the KLNG site with potential for future development.

Make Kitimat an attractive community for seniors and young families alike.

Have a more 'open' council where the public is able to oversee more of Council's decisions.

To spend taxpayer dollars where it benefits Kitimat residents the most, RIGHT HERE IN KITIMAT.

To review the snow clearing policy and seek out needed improvements

To explore the possibility of having additional ‘well maintained’ campsites for both tourists and residents alike.

To be part of a Council that has the courage to ask the tough questions, not wait for the inevitable to happen and then try to deal with it. We need a Council with an action plan and the energy to implement it.

I want to be part of such a Council and ask for your support to become a Kitimat Councillor.

Please feel free to ask your questions which I will answer to the best of my ability. Direct your questions to the Kitimat Daily site, E-mail me at
philsmobile,,,, pgermuth,,, or phone me. My home number is 632-2464 after hours and my Cell number is 632-1593. I can also be contacted via Facebook – Philip Germuth
Comment by Snowbird on 18th October 2011
You have our votes., good luck :)