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REPORTING · 18th October 2011
Randy Halyk
Sorry if I was ambiguous on my pamphlet, you are right I need to explain.

As you may know last year the district changed the requirements from 3 inches to 5 inches of accumulation before the snow clearing machinery was allowed to roll. The thought was that we could save money, and saving money was a priority because Eurocan has closed and we were facing a $4,000,000 shortfall in revenue.

After last winter it became quite obvious to me that it may not be the best practise. We began breaking equipment, the equipment was leaving later but had to deal with much more snow on the ground, also as the snow built up over the winter from less clearing it became harder to clear.

This translated into more cost in downtime as well as repairs. The end result was that our snow clearing was not what it should have been. My goal is to have the equipment roll as early as possible to accomplish the job with the best results, and I believe that would accomplish two things the most economical snow removal plus a very high standard as well.

Another concern is the equipment selection for some areas, large equipment causes damage in hard to manoeuvre areas and should not be used unless absolutely necessary, we do have smaller equipment that could be sent to those areas.

Thank you for your Question I hope I answered it to your satisfaction, if not don’t hesitate to call me 250-632-0900.
A Yea!!
Comment by Snowbird on 18th October 2011
You Have My Vote :)