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COMMENTARY · 17th October 2011
Walter McFarlane
The smell of oil assaulted my nose as I stepped out of the vehicle onto the logging road. Left behind there were several large plastic containers and a dozen smaller buckets. The road is a logging road which branches off of Kitamaat Village Road, adjacent to several residences.

The larger barrels were labelled Motorcraft Super-Premium 5W-30. Not all the smaller barrels were sealed. To add insult to injury, they were left in front of a sign which said: “Absolutely no dumping.”

According to two youth who were walking through the area at the time, the District of Kitimat has been contacted about this dumping of fuel. They added the smell of oil was much worse on Saturday, October 15th, the day before.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff, who lives in the area, was upset about this happening and told us he would like to know who abandoned it.
oil spill
Comment by Linda Halyk on 19th October 2011
What's the news on this? Has it been cleaned up? Were the police notified?

Someone out there knows who owns these barrels. Do the right thing?
Reply to Statement
Comment by Daniel Carter on 17th October 2011
The only statement I see here is laziness, ignorance and blatant disrespect for the environment.
Comment by wow on 17th October 2011
Perhaps a loud statement being expressed ???
Not right by any means, wrong in every way...however someone is trying hard to make their point by *placing* these at such a location > ABSOLUTELY NO DUMPING
Get some respect.
Comment by Sonia on 17th October 2011
How disgraceful.. imagine people to cheap to pay for proper disposal of oil but, yet paid the gas to drive it out of the way..I hope this lame person gets caught and fined..what if this ended up in the water. Then we all pay...
Be responsible!
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 17th October 2011
The person who dumped this stuff should own up and clean it up! The containers are unique so somebody will recognize and turn the person or persons responsible in! There are places in town to safely dispose of oil!
backyard oil
Comment by al on 17th October 2011
kinda funny that we fight big corparations because we dont want a pipeline in our backyard when some doughhead goes and dumps his used oil in the same area. Seems to me it takes away the credibility from those people who really care. Man up and dispose of your garbage responsibly,if you are not willing to help improve the community, at least have the respect to maintain it!!
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 17th October 2011
It really is disgusting that people in this town do some of the things they do. Dump garbage on the side roads between town and cable car. How many times have i driven to cablecar and seen garbage fly out of someones truck on the way to the dump and they are to lazy to get out and pick it up .or they drive out to the dump and its closed and they figure its their god given right to go across the road and dump it in the bush because they don't pay attention to the dump hours. It is time to start reporting these types of people if you see them.