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REPORTING · 17th October 2011
Walter McFarlane
As Promised Kitimat Dynamics Gymnastics Club performance recorded by the Kitimat Daily - Watch by Clicking Here.

The 32nd Aluminium City Telethon took place on Sunday, October 16th. The Telethon began at 11:30, hosted by Monique Millar.

Once again, the Telethon hosted many of the Great Talents of Kitimat. Performers included Maggy Mae Ottenbreit, Jacob Bilash, Andrea Villanueva, Bill Volrath and Adrian Tryssenaar. The Kitimat Dynamic Gymnastics Club, School Band and Karate Club gave demonstrations. In addition, performers from multicultural societies also performed.

The first total came in at $4,195. The rest of the totals continued coming. The next total was $5,575. It increased into the $8,000 level and then up to $13,198. It increased to $20959.

Big donations also came in through out the day. Zanron donated $1000 to the Telethon. Methenex put in $2000 and Bechtel put in $2000. Rio Tinto Alcan put in a grand donation of $5,000 while they worked the phones.

The Cake from Ed’s Bakeshop went to Beth Wittleton at Delta King Place. Their party, a Telethon party, was announced at the end of the event by Marg Irvine. Irvine, who sells the tickets for the raffle year after year, said it was the first time she had piece of Telethon Cake. The raffle raised $833.

The Telethon concluded with the band Playback who came all the way to Terrace to perform. When the band got on stage, the total was $25,325. With half an hour to go, the total became $31,082.

Playback played their final song and Millar returned to the stage ready to announce their final total while on the air, saying it was impressive. The amount increased to $45,364. Millar also reminded everyone this is not the final total as there is still money being counted.

Northern Development Initiative Trust will be doubling the first $50,000 the Kitimat Community Foundation, which the Telethon is the primary fundraiser for, makes. “What the foundation can do, which is why we’ve moved to it, is we can support health, social services, education, arts and culture, recreation. We can support seniors with housing. Anything that makes us a healthier community so we can expand where we’re giving support in our community,” said Margaret Warcup while she was on stage.
Way to go, Kitimat!
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 17th October 2011
As always, The Telethon was a great event, and despite the fact our population is going down, the amount of money coming in to support the community remained high. Last night Monique left us in suspense as to the total money raised. "I have more money in my hand," she said as the final total was unveiled...but how much? I think we should challenge ourselves to pull that final total up to the $50,000 to make sure we achieve the matching grant. Let's go for it, Kitimat!