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Joe and his two daughters.
REPORTING · 16th October 2011
Joe Salema
Hi , my name is Joe Salema, I have decided to put my name forward for council, if you don't already know me, I moved to Kitimat when I was 3 from tha Azores with my family and have seen this community grow and diminish to the point that it is now.

I've lived in Kitimat for about 46 yrs., currently employed by R.T.A (29 yrs). I've had a job in this community since I was 12 (Burnetts grocery store), been through our school system and earned my "dogwood" at M.E.S.S. I am looking for your vote to represent you "the community" for much needed CHANGE and GROWTH. We have some exciting years ahead of us and I want to be part of it, I want the community to be part of it!

ENBRIDGE: Its a hot topic, I'm not a politician so a political answer you won't get, what I believe we need is growth and sustainable industry, is Enbridge the answer? Personally as it stands today and what I've been reading "NO" and my reasoning for this is that I believe the "cons" out-way the "pros".

I think that refining first (more jobs here) then transport makes more sense, I think the Kinder Morgan route would create less (possible) environmental damage as it would be a shorter route off of an existing route, I think the tankers in today's world are less of an issue than the pipeline itself , using local pilots and two tugs helps that issue.

If you would like to know how I feel about any other issues about our community feel free to ask by e-mail at jsalema,,, or call me at 250-639-9699.
Still need a pipeline!
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 17th October 2011
Even if your were to build a refinery here you would need a pipeline to deliver the raw oil to be processed! Refine it in Alberta, we can ship it out of Kitimat on freighters in cans or barrels and utilize the Eurocan dock! Everyone Happy! Good Luck on your run for council Joe!
Comment by joe salema on 17th October 2011
I believe I mentioned refining as a possible direction before transporting. Doing it in Alberta won't bring jobs here but would have less impact on our enviroment. I would like everyone's vote on nov. 19th .
You're being a poitician Joe
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 17th October 2011
Although you say you're not a poitician you're talking like one Joe! You're against Enbridge because the "cons" outweigh the "pros" yet you advocate the Kinder Morgan route up to Kitimat. Either way it's a pipeline making its way through terrain where these companies have no experience with running pipelines! The last spill in Alberta was on a straight pipeline stretch where they didn't tamp the fill properly causing the pipe to shift and rupture!
Then making the statement that tankers in todays world are less of an issue, you may want to talk to a metalergist about that! Double hull tankers rust at a much faster rate than single hull tankers! Did you listen to Dave Shannons talk when he adressed council some time ago on this very topic!
Nowhere in the world do these "Three football field size tankers" make the amount of turns they would have to make like in Douglas channel to access open water than anywhere else in the world! Valdez Alaska, the tanker there had to make one small turn to open water and look what happened! When Dr. Rikki Ott was here from Valdez, she brought sand samples from beaches in Alaska where some 20 years later you can't go because the sand is still saturated with oil! One spill in Douglas channel would be devastating with up to 20 foot tides how would you ever clean oil off the sheer rock walls that traverse most of the Douglas Channel! Have you ever been to Fort Mcmurray the stench of the oilsands permiates everything so much your eyes water, I myself don't want that here. If you want my vote Joe, you'll have to more specific on your thinking about Enbridge or any Oil/bitumen pipeline coming here! This stuff should be refined in Alberta, create jobs for Canadians here and stop selling off our natural resources! I think we need economic development in Kitimat, but the few jobs a terminal like this would produce are just not worth the risks AT ALL !
Joe Salema
Comment by Suzanne Shay on 16th October 2011
People are very quick to offer their political views on how things should be done and how they would do it - but very few are willing to publicly invest themselves. I'm happy to see this.