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NEWS RELEASE · 13th October 2011
Randy Haylk
I have decided to throw my hat into the ring and run for Mayor of Kitimat.

These last three years has seen a Council with no clear direction or leadership, when Kitimat has needed both so desperately.

I will establish a mission statement and plan for the future collaboratively with council within the first months after the election.

I will create an atmosphere of positive change with clear and measurable results, and foster accountability and ownership amongst our Administration and Council.

Our Location on the Pacific Rim has given us the opportunity to be an import, export hub for shipping of all manner of goods; we have an obligation to, through respectful, diligent and honest negotiation make the best deals for Kitimat, enabling the people of Kitimat, first nations, and industry to benefit from the opportunities.

I will continue to support Smelter Modernization and other environmentally and economically sound projects for Kitimat that create jobs and opportunities.

We need to be diligent and forceful to maintain our Hospital and indeed add more extended care beds to accommodate our ageing population, and add support for the thousands of workers expected, so in an emergency we are prepared for the worst.

We face both challenging times as well as interesting times in the coming years that require a steady hand at the helm; I believe I can offer that with my knowledge of business, my negotiation skills and ongoing communications with Provincial and Federal leader as well as the future leaders of B.C and Canada.

That means, being a positive force for responsible development, be collaborative, and provide strong leadership.

I will be knocking on doors and talking with whomever wants to talk, don’t hesitate to call or email me my phone is 250-632-0900, email is randy,,, further information is available through me and web site still under construction.

Randy Halyk

PS SAY YES to positive change vote Randy on Election Day
Comment by Louise on 8th November 2011
Still waiting for a response from Randy. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
whats the big deal?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 8th November 2011
I went to the all candidates meeting and the first question asked to all candidates was sent in to the chamber and no name was given for the writer of the question,does that make the question less important?Like I said before as long as you aren't mean spirited or make disparaging remarks or personal attacks ,I think its great. Just a few short weeks ago ,actually up until the wolverine incident ,trying to get some one to comment on here was like pulling teeth. Its all good people.
Move on...
Comment by Louise on 7th November 2011
Hmmm. It's been a while and still no response. I guess some people don't have the skills after all.
Move on...
Comment by Louise on 23rd October 2011
...let the name issue go and move on. That's childish. Questions were asked, let Randy answer them whether they're "named" or not. Learning to deal with personal attacks is all part of running for election. This is an opportunity for Randy to show his skill at responding respectfully when confronted by adversity.
sign your name
Comment by liz on 14th October 2011
Daer concerned citizen sign your name otherwise all your comments have no substance!
Re concerned citizen
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 14th October 2011
Randy puts his name forward to run for mayor and writes an article stating how he feels about issues and he puts himself out there! Then you sit at your computer in your comfy little home and retort with a fake eloquent rebuttle attacking Randy but you don't have the kahunas to state your name! Why should we take you seriously?
Comment by concerned citizen on 13th October 2011
Please list all your positive contributions to the town of Kitimat as I for one would be interested in knowing what if anything you have done. What changes would you make to ensure that the new business developments in this area continue. How do you propose to continue to support the Smelter modernization what do you mean by diligent and forceful and how will you create a atmosphere of positive change as mayor when you could not do it as a councillor. These statements have no real substance. You are speaking around the issues not to them.