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REPORTING · 11th October 2011
Merv Ritchie
In Terrace supreme Court this afternoon, Tyler Eli stood before the Judge and was charged with second Degree Murder, Aggravated Assault and Break and Enter as a result of a violent home invasion this past weekend

Teresa Praticante Rego succumbed to the injuries she suffered and her husband Gualter sustained serious injuries but was able to fight off his attacker enough to survive.

The Rego's' were residents of Terrace and moved to Kitimat to better meet their work situation.

No one has been able to explain this senseless act.

Family members have stated they know of no reason and no connection either through work or children.

Gualter remains in hospital recovering from his wounds. It has been reported to us he, an Alcan employee, described the attack as fierce and it took everything he had to fight off Eli.

Initial story on this crime Here.

RCMP release on the incident and passing of Mrs. Rego Here

Tyler was a NESS graduate this year.
Kitimat Daily Responds to Accusations - Comments Closed
Comment by Kitimat Daily News on 12th October 2011
Since 2007 we have always published the names and pictures of accused and charged. From drug dealers to murders, those who harm society have no expectation to privacy. All pictures on social media are public property. We publish the names of high society wrong doers and low life wrong doers. We do not ever discriminate.

In this case we feel for all the families involved. No one escapes this hardship. Everyone in all of the communities, including those who never knew any of the people involved. It is a sad day for the Sacred Circle.

This type of incident is the most difficult to report on. We wish we didn't have to.

Comments are now closed. The community needs to heal.
A heartache
Comment by Dorothy Gardiner on 12th October 2011
Truly a heartache for everyone, including Tyler's family.
Stupid is as stupid does
Comment by KitRes on 12th October 2011
The heinous crime committed is inexcuseable. The male criminal carried out a vicious crime that will hopefully keep him in jail for the rest of his life.
Comment by Paige Adams on 12th October 2011
What happens if this was your family member kitamat daily I mean seriously no one should be even having a person's name or where they come from of the pictures on these daily news here!
We are truly sorry!
Comment by 4A Staff on 12th October 2011
Just know we are thinking of you, big hugs!!
Comment by SM on 12th October 2011
My thoughts, prayers and sympathies to the victim's family.

I am curious to if there was an article in which there were excuses made for this person? I haven't seen one and I've noticed a lot of comments about these "excuses" like drugs, mental episodes, childhood, etc.

This tragedy has brought out a lot of negative emotions (anger and fear) from our community which is totally understandable and Mike is right in saying that now is not the time to scold people for that. It's still pretty fresh and shocking to have this happen in our community.
I do however hope that our community can come together not based on the mutual hatred for this culprit, but rather for our mutual respect for the victims and their family.
But as I said it's totally understandable and emotions will run wild for a while yet.
My heart goes to the families involved
Comment by Betty on 12th October 2011
My thoughts and prayers go to Gualter, and Teresa my dear friend who will not be with us to share good moments like the ones we had.
I hope all sick peolpe like this hateful boy, get all the help they can before doing horrifying things as this. After doing this, we can only wish him a lifetime of correction. What kind of good feelings is one to have after being so inoccently assaulted? Are we are to protect his life in exchange of some more good, produtive, inoccent peolple´s lives?????
Comment by Mike Forward on 12th October 2011
There's a time and a place to scold people for being emotional.

This is not it.
Tired of seeing excuses for crimes/murder
Comment by David Evans on 12th October 2011
Sympathy for a murderer, so if he had "issues or a condition" that makes it ok! Political correctness and sympathy have no place in a case like this....No reason to go do that sort of thing, lack of reality in todays world with false reality shows. I graduated 13 years ago and was depressed I didn't out and do something senseless because I was taught what was right and wrong! Too many cases today are let go by stupid excuses, ohh he was drunk or on drugs, that was that persons choice. Of course both sides would feel this way if other way around but don't use that to get sympathy for someone who deserves none, plus our great justice system will have him out in 5 years. Then his name and picture should be everywhere to ruin his life even more....
What if he was part of your family...
Comment by Nancy on 12th October 2011
My heart goes out to both families. I am stricken by the hatred that tragedies bring out in people. What if it the families were switched around? It is still a tragic loss on both sides.

Tyler just recently graduated and was currently in college. The fact is we don't know why these things happen. To speculate and spew hatred is just wrong.

With the world crumbling in so many ways, we can only expect more anarchy. Just watch the news.
Comment by al on 12th October 2011
hope this fella goes through hell in prison, what a waste of human life for no reason
respect and love to the family
Comment by snowflake on 11th October 2011
So saddend by all of this, such an amazing family. How could anybody do this. I hope he gets the absolute worst punishment for what hes done.
I hope they do the right thing
Comment by Scott Dray on 11th October 2011
I truly hope that the powers that be put this person away forever, no possibility of parole EVER. No matter the excuse, whether it be mental instability or whatever. A person that could do something like this, has no business walking the streets.