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REPORTING · 9th October 2011
Merv Ritchie w Danny Nunes
10:30pm Sunday, October 9, 2011,
A male has been apprehended and is in custody for an incident that occured on Turney Street where a male and female were seriously injured in an incident in the early morning hours of October 9, 2011.

Thi is an ongoing investigation and further information will be released at a later time.

The RCMP are asking anyone with information regarding suspicious activity the have heard of or observed between the hours of 2:00 am and 7:00 am on October 9th to contact the Kitimat RCMP or Crime Stoppers at 1-800 TIPS (8477).

Although we have no confirmation as of yet, it appears there has been another act of violence, a stabbing, in the good community of Kitimat.

From all the reports we have received, a husband and wife were involved and possibly a third party. The woman was an employee at the Scotia Bank in Kitimat. Again, unconfirmed, reports indicated she was transported to Vancouver for treatment and the husband is recovering from his injuries.
Comment by Shady on 12th October 2011
WoW this is just so devastating.... TO EVERYONE involved. I am keeping all in my thoughts and prayers especially those closest
To both the victims and the young man. Itshorrible the rumors and gossip. What if any one of the people involved were closely related to you
Comment by carol on 12th October 2011
my prayers go out to the family and co
Prayers for the family
Comment by McLeay Family on 11th October 2011
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this most difficult time. Stay strong for each other, love one another,and together you will get through this. May God bless you all!!!
Comment by Esmere on 11th October 2011
may you rest in peace my sweet friend
Prayers for Walter and his beautifull children
Vancouver Sun Article
Comment by on 10th October 2011
Here is a link:
Comment by Clayton Morrell on 10th October 2011
Just recieved an e-mail that the woman died of her injuries, and the husband is in critical condition. It was a violent home invasion, and the man (name witheld) is an active community member, well known.

God help him and his family, and may her soul rest in peace.
Comment by Sharie on 10th October 2011
It is not Secrecy it is Respect !!
There were Family Members that needed to be contacted Friends and Co-Workers ..... Out of Respect those that needed to know where being contacted those that didn't need to should stop being nosey till the news was released this would of stopped alot of incorrect Rumors!
Comment by tammy on 10th October 2011
My prayers and thoughts go out to the victims, families and friends in this absolutely heinous crime. I pray they both make full recoveries, and the sicko that created this nightmare for them and the community of Kitimat spends alot of time behind bars.
My heart goes out to the family
Comment by Suzie Valgren on 10th October 2011
It is a hard thing to enjoy everything about Thanksgiving after this horrible news .My heart goes out to the whole family.I know the children well as they attended school at St.Anthony`s and I drove them daily on the bus.We also do business at the Scotia,this woman served us well there,she was kind and caring at all times.My prayers and thoughts go with you all in the days to follow
with love
Comment by sara fereira & family on 10th October 2011
we, your family and friends in são Miguel, are with you in the pain, thoughts and prayers.
why the secrecy
Comment by me on 10th October 2011
The community of kitimat needs more answers... was this a targeted or random??
thoughts with you all
Comment by Linda Halyk on 9th October 2011
If there is anything, I mean anything you guys need please call me. I am so so sorry. My heart is aching for you all, hold each other tight. Stay strong.
Why the secrecy?
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 9th October 2011
Why are the names of the victims witheld? It is not disrespectful to say someone's name if they've been the victim of a crime! And why don't the police release information pertaining to the identity and status of the attacker? Is there a madman running around free out there in Kitimat? I remain in prayer.

Appreciate the update on the suspect. Thanks.
To the Family
Comment by Kaldenhoven Family on 9th October 2011
We will be thinking of your family for the days to come, our prayers will be with you all.
an apparent stabbing in kitimat
Comment by on 9th October 2011
sending love and prayers to the couple, such sad news :(
heartfelt prayers
Comment by Sharon Bruno on 9th October 2011
My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
I have known this family for a long time. My Son went to school with Jessica.
Stay strong.... The Kitimat community is with you all.
Sharon Bruno
Comment by someonesomeonerson on 9th October 2011
I don't think that you are using your words wisely...the term "was" may have just started rumors of this poor woman's demise...I would suggest revising that statement...just a thought
Prayers for this family
Comment by melissa on 9th October 2011
Praying for the family, I hope they caught the sick person or persons who are responsible for this hideous crime.
Thoughts and Prayers
Comment by Sharie on 9th October 2011
My Thoughts and Prayers are with this Family their Friends and Co Workers....