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COMMENTARY · 7th October 2011
Linda Halyk
It's that time again to make a decision.
Municipal Election Time.

Time to do some soul searching , deep thinking, reminiscing, ask ourselves some tough questions. Most of all VOTE.

Are we satisfied with our existing elected officials?
Have they been an effective group?

Have they worked together for the betterment of Kitimat?

Have they been honest, transparent and open?

What positives have come from the last three years?

Did they follow the austerity plan?

Did they spend our tax dollars wisely?

Do they listen to us?

Do they care about what we think?

Are they in this for their own prestige?

Do some have hidden agenda's?

Are some ruled by outside influences?

Do they have Kitimat citizen's best interests at heart?

Why do they wait till the end of the term to start looking for business (Economic Development), and whose job is that anyway?

The Mayor who is the figure head, and is suppose to promote Kitimat: to the BC Premier, other elected officials, major corporations, did not leave town, for three NCLGA’s. FCM's and UBCM’s or any other important functions.

I have spent the last three years quietly watching & listening to our elected officials: plot attacks, stab each other in the back, bicker amongst each other, gang up on each other, take credit for others hard work or take credit where no credit was due, spend our tax dollars foolishly on: an overly expensive dog pound, tennis courts on school district property, a ski hill. None of which brought any economic value to the TAXPAYERS of Kitimat.


Are you happy with the old guard, the good old boys & girl club or are you ready for a change?

It's all up to us, we can make a difference. We can make it change. There are no guaranties, but sometimes a change is better than a rest. Fresh brains, new ideas, new connections all these things are good for the community. Our vote will tell the elected officials we need change, we need them to listen, to be open, to be honest and do the very best they can for Kitimat and its people.

They need to work together and with our neighbours the Haisla.

They need to be prudent with our tax dollars.

Most of all they need a PLAN a VISION at the beginning, not fly by the seat of their pants for 2 3/4 years then YIKES it's election time. I better wake up, tell them I've done something, so I can get re-elected.

These people hold our futures in their hands.
Comment by Linda Halyk on 12th October 2011
Sandra if you don't vote they get in by acclamation.
So if you want change you need to pick that one person you want to see in and vote.
Don't dilute your vote by chosing 6 councilors.
Comment by Sandra Capezzuto on 11th October 2011
As it stands right now there are not enough choices. We all may be better off not voting; at least that would send a definite message... in my opinion.

Is there a "none of the above" on our ballots?