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COMMENTARY · 5th October 2011
Jessica McCallum-Miller
Terrace Student Delivers a Lecture to the School Board

“We are students of British Columbia. Our right of free speech matters. We will not be silenced any longer. We demand that our educational funding be increased.

“Everyday we realize our accomplishments and our potential. We realize that BC high schools are detrimentally under privileged in comparison to higher percentages of funding in other Provinces.

“The fact of the matter is students are outraged that our intellectual capabilities go unrecognized on account of false and undue expectations.

“We know that the rate of unemployment in our Province has increased greatly leading to a higher amount of homeless. This all works against education.

“By no means are we distressed by our teachers and their strike. We see what is going on around us. We know that we are already limited by our Provincail and Federal governments.

“We are young adults in a world that is changing. We are people. We have a right and a freedom to have our opinions and our education to be considered first.

“We are mature enough to know what is wrong and what is right.

“How come the Government and the School Board have the right to limit the freedoms of youth who are supposed to lead our nation into the future?

“The simple answer is they cannot!

“They may have the power to restrict us from what we deserve, but we will not stand for it!

“We are people not pawns!

“We cannot be used against or for anyone!

“Isn’t that a main principle that all Canadians try to prove top the world?

“We think the establishment has a few things to think about.”
student rights
Comment by al on 20th November 2011
well said, time for a young female primeminister, you have realized that the government is a business, not a freedom nor a right, which is why governments were formed, to protect all people of this country, give them free education,healthcare the right to be heard and treated equally, and a plan to look after us when we become old,
The good ol USA has spent billions trying to bring these ideals to third world countries, and involving other countries to back them up, one of these countries is Canada, we fight for freedom, its always best to clean up the poop in your backyard before shoving an ideal down someones throat when you cant do it at home.
Lets help the people of Canada, the young, the old, the new, before we try and preach to others.
Seems the government has tons of money to house criminals and people that choose not to work, but have no money for the future of our country, or no money for those that made this country free

dear parliment,
shame on you