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COMMENTARY · 4th October 2011
John Pacheco
Mayor & Council,

I am in shock and appalled that the vote was 5-2 for the funding of Shames Co-Op. That is soo unbelievable.

I know one thing for sure, Mayor Joanne Monaghan, Councillor Bob Corless, Councillor Mario Feldhoff, Councillor Rob Goffinet, Councillor Corinne Scott, are NOT going to get my vote and neither from the 15-20 Kitimat tax payers voters co-workers from work (Alcan). (I promise to remind them).You gents lost all respect. Maybe you gents will get the Terrace Tax payer workers vote.

Mayor & Councils are so out of touch with the working public. What now, increase the property tax again to fund the Terrace Shames Mountain?

Mayor Joanne Monaghan, at work it is funny how we read that Mayor Joanne Monaghan is in favour to write letters to this business to that business, as far as our memory goes Mayor Joanne Monaghan was so against any businesses coming in to town when Mayor Joanne Monaghan had her Ye Wise Owl Shoppe.

We do not forget the past
regards, John Pache
what a joke
Comment by d.bailey on 15th October 2011
watchin this council under Mayor M. in action is better than watching monty pythong.This current Mayor and some council members truly have to go, they done enough damage to this comunity to a point that it's imbarassing to live here and they should be ashamed of thems selfs for tarnishing Kitimat's image being televised on channel 10.. to a point they had to have a mediator to council the council
Comment by RIC le Ruge on 5th October 2011
100% agree with poster. Paid by and meant to represent who?? Yes us the tax payer
thought we had no extra money??
Comment by Paul Millar on 5th October 2011
vote on closing Kitimat Ice Rink due to lack of funds, closing the wading pools to save money..(poor summer students make too much) forcing low-income families to explain to their children why they can't swim everyday,when its hot out. but, we can send 15k to Terrace??? when was the last time Terrace sent cash to fund a project in Kitimat? since we were able to find an extra 15k this year i guess there should be no problem finding funding for wading pools next year! so disapointed in my home town!
More fuel, for the fire...
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 5th October 2011
OUR REGIONAL district supported shames with 100 thousand dollars, of which Kitimat's share is ALREADY $60,000.... no mention of that from Council? I wonder why? Now we add another 15k and MORE ? What happens when the enterprise finally fails? Who's going to be left holding the bill?

ANNND Did you know our Library is closed on Sundays because the district can't afford to keep that open? Did you know the library reduced its staff by ONE..... Did you know that our council reduced the number of Police officers in Kitimat? All because they were told by COUNCIL and MAYOR to REDUCE SPENDING! (the same councilors that voted in favor of wasting more money on shames by the way)

But hey... we got Tims (MAYBE)...our Mayor's one proud achievement in three years.... her words not mine......

on Election day get out and vote...and put KITIMAT FIRST