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COMMENTARY · 4th October 2011
Walter McFarlane
By investing in Shames Mountain, Council sent a message loud and clear: Our community does not matter to our leaders.

Itís about money. Pennies in Councilís Budget, a lot of money to us. $15,000 now, and given our Councilís track record over the last three years, $15,000 after that, $15,000 later and $15,000 and up when asked for.

Feldhoff talks about maintaining a high quality of life for the people of Kitimat. However, he is so busy thinking outside the community, he has not noticed that Council has not put money into areas of the budget they took it out of in 2010.

Maybe he has forgotten how they took money from the Kitimat Public Library? The library now closes their doors on Sunday and had to cut a position. Perhaps he forgot how they cut money from the pool hours as well? How about the reduction of the summer wading pool program or the cuts to the Kitimat RCMP?

Maybe Feldhoff forgot about how, during the 2011 budget, he suggested saving money by putting off capital expenditures until Enbridge becomes a taxpayer. This does not look like maintaining the quality of life in the community. None of this looks like saving money or improving the quality of life in Kitimat. In fact, saving money appears to be the one thing this Council does not seem to know how to do.

Isnít there an accountant on Council? Councillor Gerd Gottschling was the one who pointed out the Ski Hill has been in the red through out its lifetime. This investment was presented to Council as if it were a gamble and they took it, even though the community of Kitimat stands to gain nothing from it.

After all, if the ski hill was such a draw, wouldnít the doctors and dentists and labourers choose to live in Terrace rather then Kitimat. After all, Terrace has better shopping, more restaurants and itís right next to a ski hill. People who make a lot of money can afford the commute, right? In fact, many people already make that commute every day to and from Alcan. The letter to Council from John Pacheco suggests that number is 400 people strong.

This also forces the hand of people who did not wish to invest in the ski hill in the first place. By Council spending taxpayer's money on it, the tax payer is forced to invest in the Co-Op without recieving any of the benifits of joining the Co-op. There is still a question which was asked at the last Council meeting in September concerning whether or not a Council can legally invest in a Co-op. The question remains unanswered.

Finally, this idea that Alcan will pass an unnamed figure of money onto the ski hill bares some looking into. Council should have tabled the motion and asked Alcan what they plan to do rather then plunge in head first wearing a blindfold.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 6th October 2011
Well ,they may try and ram it down our throats butwe dont have to inhale. The district could have invested in Eurocan ,maybe even terrace could have seeing as they had a number of employees working there. At least it was a money maker. Seriously now Kitimatians , a third of the work force here is from terrace ,we do our shopping in terrace ,we ski in terrace.Doesn't enough of our money go in Terraces direction? Don't forget when we needed them most they took out a full page add kissing RTA"s behind during the power sales agreement.Agreeing with Alcan they should be able to sell power. How much more do we have to do ? The only Kitimat jobs we get in Terrace are at Walmart. I am sorry if the tone of this comment sounds negative towards Terrace ,I know they have many people against funding the hill also. But its time to look out for our own interests. Remeber ,don't spend tax money we don't have ,money based on the assumption that anything will actually get built.Things are changing at the drop of a hat. The modernization may be postponed again. wait till the tax dollars are in the bank before you allocate any funds to any projects.
Comment by RIC le Ruge on 5th October 2011
Repulsed to think of my/our tax dollars being sent to Terrace. As previously said we as tax payers have already donated via Kitimat Stikine District. YES it is tme for an election
Well said Walter,Linda and Sandra
Comment by Linda Campbell on 4th October 2011
I can't wait to hear the JUSTIFICATION in the decision that my tax payer dollars are now going to support a Ski Hill that is NOT IN MY COMMUNITY nor will benefit those in my community that find it hard to pay their Mortgage, purchase groceries, or on the weekend try to find recreation for their children.
It is a great decision for those who can afford to ski and are tax payers in Kitimat those that cant afford it have once again been forgotten in this decision.
Walter is correct that our Library is now closed on Sunday's because of BUDGET CUT! It is now a good time to remind those RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION and those entering the race for the first time, who think it is a good idea to spend MY and YOUR tax payer dollars elsewhere, that our money should be spent in our community FIRST AND FOREMOST bringing all the CUTS provided by this COUNCIL back! Only then should we consider other Communities and their needs!
Kitimat First!
Comment by on 4th October 2011
Thank you!
Someone who sees through all this BS.
The majority of Kitimatians just got a ski hill rammed down our throats, with no benefits to Kitimat. It is just take take take.
We need to vote, we need to change, we need to progress not digress. The economy is bad, Council & Mayor were on an austerity program,why then throw good money after bad, especially when they are told there is nothing to do to make the hill profitable.
Give your heads a shake and listen to the people of Kitimat all the people not just the good old boys club.
Reality Cheque
Comment by Sandra Capezzuto on 4th October 2011
Honestly; if the Kitimat-Stikine Regional District did invest in Shames... then we already have. Secondly wouldn't that constitute "local political" support?

Can we talk about (emotional ? financial) blackmail?