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REPORTING · 15th October 2011
Walter McFarlane

The Following people have filed their nomination papers to run for Council / School Board:


Randy Halyk

Joanne Monaghan

Danny Nunes

Jim Thom


Joshua Callahan

Bob Corless

Edwin Empinado

Mario Feldhoff

Phil Germuth

Rob Goffinet

Mary Murphy

John Pacheco

Ray Raj

Jack Riddle

Joe Salema

Corinne Scott

Carl Whicher

School Trustee

Barry Pankhurst

Ray Raj

"Nothing prohibits a person from running for a Municipal Council and a Board of Education concurrently," added Walter Mclellan
Comment by R Lapierre on 18th October 2011
In reply to Ray Raj for school trustee. The school board office is in Terrace, BC. If one wants to run for trustee they have to put their name in, at the office. Nobody is sneaking around.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 17th October 2011
When you go vote ,do you put your name beside your choices? No you don't,but your choice is important. So lets just be civil when we post a comment.
Does it matter?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 16th October 2011
If i do not wish to use my real name at this moment,it is my right as long as I or any one else doesn't make a personal attack against any of our citizens.Just because I haven't put my real name forward doesn't mean I don"t have something valuable to contribute . The way I see it the kitimat daily is getting a lot more comments than it ever has .It shows me that people are finally paying attention.
Not an issue
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 16th October 2011
Why make an issue over someone not using their own name-that's their choice and their God given right to do so.JUST SAYING.

Ed Note: It has been the policy of the Daily's to require the use of a proper name and that we contact to ensure the actual identity. The DOK City Manager had his name and email used inappropriately by "concerned citizens' a few years ago. Today we allow some to pass, but only to refect to others a sentiment in the community. Attacking an individual without identifying yourself is the tool of the 'Bully' and the 'Coward'. We do not want to provide a medium for those people.
disappointed voter
Comment by Linda Halyk on 16th October 2011
If you are so disappointed why didn't you put your name on the list. People are putting themselves out there and you can't use your own name.
Are you already on the list as a candidate for mayor makes you wonder, JUST SAYING?
Not exactly my choice
Comment by Disappointed voter on 14th October 2011
Though the candidates for mayor aren't bad, they aren't exactly my choice. Hopefully there is an update soon and someone else runs. Would be good to see a strong person in this seat.

Lots of people for councill, that's great to see!! Good luck to you all!
Third Choice Needed for Mayor!!!
Comment by Concerned Voter on 14th October 2011
It is wonderful to see people out for the Councillor positions, nice to see the interest. But I have a huge concern for the mayors position I know I personally and many others will not be voting for either of these candidates. I do hope someone else puts their name forward today.
What's with the anonymity
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 14th October 2011
Why are people so afraid or hesitant to sign their names to their letters? I see people are brave enough to put their names forward to run for a position on council, then if people want to challenge them online be brave enough to sign your name!

If I was the Daily I'd refuse to print the letters unless you agreed to sign your full name. To many people hide behind these silly anonymous names! If you're brave enough to write it then be brave enough to stand behind it!
Time for Change
Comment by Citizen on 14th October 2011
I'm so happy to see the variety of candidates, both new and returning, for the position of councillor. I truly hope, as someone else has also mentioned, that we get a third person to run for mayor, as I cannot in good conscience vote for either of the current nominees. Let's stop the bickering, the ego-boosting and have a mayor that's in it for the right reason - THE TOWN!
Comment by voter on 13th October 2011
wow! nice to see some new names on the list. I sure hope all of kitimat voters wake up and smell the coffee this is your chance for the change that everyone's been whining your part, get informed and make a decent decision.
Ray Raj for School Trustee
Comment by Concerned on 13th October 2011
I Understand that Ray Raj also filed for School Trustee for Kitimat but in the Terrace office as to not alert anyone to his running at this time. ???? can anyone confirm??
Comment by SM on 13th October 2011
I sincerely hope there will be other candidates running for mayor!
Comment by Aaron Mott on 11th October 2011
I agree with you Gerry, though I no longer live in Kitimat, but I want to know how Kitimat feels about the pipeline in general and have a counsel that will represent that. Not just in Kitimat, but it should be brought up across Northern BC.
ENBRIDGE stance!
Comment by Gerry hummel on 8th October 2011
I for one, like so many other voters would love to hear each candidates stance on Enbridge, no political gobbldygook either, either Yes Enbridge or No Enbridge! I think this will help a lot of people decide how to vote!
My Vote
Comment by Daniel Carter on 8th October 2011
We need more nominees for to run for council and Mayor. There are 5 current members that need a lot of explaining in order to get my vote.
Phil for Councillor and or Mayor....
Comment by Voter on 5th October 2011
I think we need some new, intelligent communication. Someone that has lived here for a long time and knows the past, present and history of the area and community.