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REPORTING · 4th October 2011
Walter McFarlane
Updated: vote corrected

Mayor Joanne Monaghan brought forward a motion at the Council Meeting on Monday, October 3rd. The motion was to write to Reitman’s and Mark’s Work Warehouse and invite them to Kitimat. The position of Chair was turned over to Corrine Scott.

Monaghan expressed she met with the Mall Owner who wishes to revitalize the mall. He asked Monaghan to get these two stores to have all the areas filled.

Councillor Gerd Gottschling said Monaghan is announcing new businesses all the time. He expressed the Tim Horton’s franchise is costly and is viable for a community of 15,000 people.

“If those franchises choose to see an opportunity, we won’t have to invite them, they will come here on their own,” said Gottschling.

He pointed out they have yet to have a feasibility study on the inter-community ferry. He pointed out Reitman’s have already been in Kitimat, as have Kentucky Fried Chicken, Robin’s Donuts.

“These were vital, vital businesses that we had and we [lost] them because the population wasn’t there. We are doing this again. We are asking Reitman’s to come. I think these companies are big enough to realize that if there is a business model, they will be here,” said Gottschling.

He suggested inviting Walmart, Canadian Tire or Costco to come in to Kitimat. He added they met with the Premier, Christy Clark at UBCM. “In all the years that I’ve listened to premiers, not once, did a premier talk about Kitimat. But our premier talked about Kitimat three times,” said Gottschling.

He said they talked to Adrian Dix promoting Kitimat and had an excited individuals. He suggested not talking about little stores. He expressed they were promoting Kitimat but was sorry the Mayor was not present. He was cut off.

Monaghan explained Pytrade was on the way in, Tim Hortons would be open in 2012 and there was no reason to doubt him. The feasibility study was being done. While the rest of Council was at UBCM, Monaghan had two successful meetings in Kitimat. By spreading Council around, they were able to be in contact with more people.

Councillor Randy Halyk expressed he investigated Mark’s Work Warehouse and Reitman’s. “I went and looked at their criteria for putting stores in certain areas. They have $125,000 minimum to buy the Franchise, a non refundable fee on top of that of $100,000. There is a four stage process to go through to become a franchise owner, 6 months of in store training to become a franchisee and on top of that, there is a list they have published of communities where they plan to put stores into and they say: ‘that a franchisee is not entitled to solicit for location of the site. The site will be determined by Mark’s Work Warehouse or Canadian Tire or by any one of their other subsidiaries. I don’t believe this is feasible, I think it’s an empty promise to honest with you, and related to the fact that we are on a campaign to become re-elected and this should change,” said Halyk.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff supported the motion. “All that’s being asked is to support Mark’s Work Warehouse,” said Feldhoff. “There is no promise as to whether or not these stores will be here or not, it’s an invite and if necessary, we modify the motion to read ‘we invite Reitman’s, Mark’s Work Warehouse and other retailers,” said Feldhoff. He said the retailers will improve the quality of life in Kitimat.

Councillor Bob Corless said they have written letters and achieved a Saan Store and a Robins Donuts which are now an Pharmacy and an A&W. They have written lots of letters. They invited Walmart which came and looked at Kitimat when they moved into Terrace. “It doesn’t hurt to write a letter,” said Corless.

Halyk expressed he is not against economic development in the community. This is about false hopes. They have written letters which have born fruit and some which have not. They have to be open for business but they have to be responsible when letting the community know what they are trying to do for them.

The motion was called and carried, The motion was called and carried, 5/2.
Comment by Heather Kelsey on 17th October 2011
I agree with the reader comment about approaching Winners to come to Kitimat because having such a diverse store here could draw in shoppers from Terrace and other outlying areas. This would result in an increase for sales in restaurants, gas, motels, etc. The trick is to provide something here that other communities in the area do not havel
I agree
Comment by Linda Halyk on 8th October 2011
I agree or a one one of the houseware stores they have in the lower mainland, or a Michaels. Lets bring Terrace tax dollars to Kitimat.
Comment by Linda Halyk on 7th October 2011
Things that make you go HMMMMMMMM.

I was looking at Kitimat District Website , amongst all the departments & names, I found this:

Economic Promotion & Investor Services
Rose Klukas Manager

Comment by Apocalypse Now on 7th October 2011
I thought kitimat was asleep at the wheel. I havent seen so many posts since the wolverine was eating some ones pets. Keep it up Kitimat ,let people know we exist and we aren't as apathetic as every one thinks.
Comment by Linda Halyk on 7th October 2011
I love it. Keep it up people. It is great to know that people are really listening & paying attention to their local government. By speaking out we make the elected officials think about their decisions. It's obvious some of them read the comments.

We are not asleep Mayor & Council, we see and hear all.

We also have a perfect outlet( KITIMAT DAILY) for our GRIPES & BOUQUETS, although I've only read gripes so far.

There have been many comments posted and Kudos for standing up to be heard.

Get out & VOTE.
New Stores
Comment by CEM on 7th October 2011
We don't need what Terrace already has.

Go for something that Terrace doesn't have.
How about diversity?
Comment by Paul Mitchell on 7th October 2011
I fail to understand the logic behind inviting stores which already exist in Terrace, Prince Rupert & Smithers. Surely it would be far more sensible to invite retailers who don't have a presence in the local area into town? That way people would be attracted from the surrounding areas into Kitimat, rather than simply catering to the very limited Kitimat market.
Comment by RIC le Ruge on 5th October 2011
To quote the previous poster
"Listen to your community, ask for their guidance & help"
Just when has our Mayor done this ? I may have forgotton please remind me.
I believe Mr Gottschling and Mr Halyk were quite correct in their comments
Ec Dev
Comment by Mayor Monaghan on 5th October 2011
We have not had anyone in the Ec Dev office since last Nov. due to sick leave.
Economic development
Comment by on 4th October 2011
I thought Kitimat had an economic development officer. Why is this person not writing the letters and working towards getting the mall filled etc etc etc? That is their job right?

The economic development officer does not have to have permission from council to write the letters, or contact companies. It is definitely election time, out of the woodwork comes all these letters and personally getting companies to come to Kitimat.

Why if so committed to getting Kitimat growing were these things not done for the last three years. Do you really think the people of Kitimat don't see right through this. I hope they do and at election time vote for a change from the old guard, time for some of you out there, especially the younger people, who don't like what you see to step up to the plate and make change happen.

Lets vote in a group of individuals willing to work for the good of the community with a backbone, who are willing to negotiate fairly & honestly with industry, not work toward individual prestige or behind the scenes with shenanigans, plots and schemes, to work together as a team with a vision & plan for Kitimat's future, not fly by the seat of your pants like this last group, to stand up for what's right, don't bow to pressure.

Listen to your community, ask for their guidance & help. We need transparent government especially at the municipal level. I have lumped you all together, because as a group you are very ineffective, bickering,plotting, ganging up on each other, unable to discuss things civilly, unwilling to listen to anothers view unless there is something in it for you.

These positions are not to be for your own personal benefit you are suppose to be looking out for the good of the community, you can not always be the good guy, sometimes, just like we tell the kids, JUST SAY NO.