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REPORTING · 2nd October 2011
Walter McFarlane
Recess has been cancelled at all schools. According to School Board Chair, Barry Pankhurst, a notice went out on Thursday, September 29th making the announcement. He explained the school Administration had been looking after the playground monitoring.

“Administration cannot keep up with the supervision at recess and at lunch hours, before and after school. Starting on Monday, school will be starting 15 minutes later and there will be no recess,” said Pankhurst.
Recess is Important!
Comment by me on 5th October 2011
This is absolutely ridiculous. We, as adults expect to have a coffee break while we're at work. These few minutes give us the time the recharge, rest our minds, and re-fresh. Kids need this just as much if not MORE. Children from birth to 6yrs of age learn more in that time period than they do their entire life. Those little minds and bodies are absorbing SO much. It's completely unfair to not give them a break in between all that learning. By the end of the day, the children's eyes will be glazed over and won't be absorbing a single thing. Same goes for the teachers. They need a break too! Imagine keeping control of 25 little kids for hours without a break? I know I'd lose my patience without a few minutes to recharge. I can see teachers just letting the lessons fall the way-side by the end of the day, so they could sit at the their desk for a few mins with their coffee, and who could blame them?

I think one of the previous comments was fantastic! How many parents would volunteer to supervise a 15 min recess? I bet there would be more than enough people willing to devote their time so their children and hard-working teachers, who already don't receive what they deserve, can have a recess!
Comment by Anonymous on 3rd October 2011
First, that money that is sent as aid a lot of the times goes to countries who make it possible for us to live like we do. You can't enjoy the excesses that Western society indulges in unless others are exploited. So let's not think of it as aid money, more payback.
Secondly, I'd be curious to see how many parents would be willing to volunteer their time to do supervision before and after school as well as recess or lunch.
But yes, lack of a break between lessons is only going to wear out the students and the teachers, making learning and teaching less effective.
who care about the Kids??
Comment by Paul Millar on 2nd October 2011
Canadian Government has to step in. The old line story that there is no extra money available for the schools doesn't add up! every year some "other " Country has a "Natural Disaster" the Canadian Government throws $50+ million to problem, what about our kids! So fed up of seeing Canadian Tax Payers money go to solve another Countries Problems when we have so many of our own! Give the kids the Education or the will all be on welfare!
Gone is Recess...
Comment by Larry on 2nd October 2011
Okay cut it out.....but use your brain and leave the
school times as they are (don't start school 15 minutes later). The kids need more education, not less. Whose bright idea was this?