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REPORTING · 2nd October 2011
Walter McFarlane
The School Board held their Regular Meeting on Wednesday, September 28th. At that time, they received the final report concerning the closure of Roy Wilcox.

The report, divided into multiple sections, was located in the package. While many of the different items were completed, several items were not. Safety School Zone Signs have not arrived yet and the playground equipment will be moved in October.

“The transition from the closing of Roy Wilcox to the new combined population at Nechako is complete. Students are organized in classes, school procedures are in place and all will be reviewed on a regular basis to adjust to the new demands of a much larger population. Fine tuning of minor issues regarding facilities is in place and those issues are being addressed. Parent and student adjustments with regard to traffic flow, bussing and general procedures are resulting in some concerns being put forward. Those concerns are being addressed by school and District staff. As a general summery statement, the opening of the school year has gone well and people are adapting to their new environment. The School is busy, engaged and ready for the challenges of the upcoming school year,” concluded Brent Speidel, Director of Instruction at the end of the report.

“The report was given and the only person asking any questions about the Roy Wilcox situation was me,” said Barry Pankhurst, School Board Chair after the meeting.

Pankhurst asked why they didn’t have a crossing guard in place at the beginning of September, he said it has been identified and dealt with.

The second question concerned is there are no signs telling drivers they are in a school area. The District has told them they can not put those signs up as the school is not really on a street. ICBC has given them signs telling people they are driving in an area where children are attending school.

The third was the attempt to convince Kitimat City Council to repair the light in the underpass.
Closing Roy Wilcox School could have a "bright side"
Comment by Larry on 2nd October 2011
Sorry to see the school go (and I am assuming that the board has done its home work on this issue)...but this could be an opportunity in the making. Note to mayor and council.....why not relocate your offices and services to this site and get out of the high rent district you are now located in??