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CONTRIBUTION · 28th September 2011
Dieter Wagner
Dear Ms. Clark; It was reported in the local media that you had a 15 minute meeting with our mayor, Ms. Monaghan. She apparently said that “Kitimat will be the Hub for Economic Development in Western Canada and we will do anything to make that happen.”

Well, our mayor is very often acting without the consent of council; the divisions and frictions on council are well known. The upcoming elections will be interesting. We do need some well paying jobs, businesses and industries to ramp up our tax base, but not “everything goes”.

From our own research, door knocking and other communication with residents we have learned that at least 80% of our citizens are very much opposed to the Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal. This is consistent with provincial figures.

We had a public forum on 20 Sept. 2011 about this proposal, one that we had lobbied for a long time and which Enbridge always rejected until now. It was very short notice, extremely poorly advertised by the sponsor, so that a few citizens had to stuff mail boxes etc. at their own expense to make the event known.

During question period not one person from the audience said anything in favor of the project.

Early on in the consultation process Enbridge stated that they would not proceed if the people did not want it. Now their rep said they would press ahead regardless of public opinion.

A very disturbing item at the forum, at least to some people, was that four uniformed RCMP officers were present, two stationed at the door through which everybody had to pass. Also two officers in civilian cloth and a body guard were present.

Do not get me wrong, I have always been a great supporter of the RCMP and offered help when I could.

Is there something wrong when this appears to become a necessity for politicians and heads of industry?

Then there was for me this disturbing report on CBC radio 23 Sep. 2011, that the Canadian military is establishing a base for the Mountain Rangers with a weapons cache in Prince George. A peculiar location and timing. What kind of a country are we turning

Dieter Wagner for Douglas Channel Watch
Wow ?
Comment by An interested citizen on 5th October 2011
Promoting Kitimat, B.C. as a retirement city ? I think not - I would for sure tell people that it is a dysfunctional community - full of negativity and angry people who throw darts at anyone who wants to run for council or mayor. I may have issues also with certain decisions of council, but, I would not "stoop" to name calling or immature behaviour - makes our whole community look like fools (you are not writing on my behalf Mr. Wagner - or my neighbors - nobody went to any of our doors). I ask you to please do not write an opinion to the Premier on our behalf -you have no right to be a spokesperson - you sound downright silly and embarrassing to the community - who would want to come here ?
Get your facts straight mayor
Comment by Correctionist on 30th September 2011

At no point in this article did Mr Wagner make any claim that Mayor Monaghan spoke to the premier about Enbdrige.

Also I would like to point out that the mayor went on CFTK news last night and claimed her proudest achievment in her term in office was bringing a Tim Hortons coffee shop to Kitimat.

Its my opinion Mayor Monaghan had no influence in bringing Tim Hortons to Kitimat at all when the reason they are here is due to the simple fact of the Alcan modernization and the influx of workers to the area.

Taking credit for something in my opinion you had no hand in is pretty pathetic & no writing a letter to Tim Hortons doesnt count when you know full well you are doing so during an election year and when the companys decision is based on numbers and not on your invite.

I ask to remain anonymous in this publication because I know of the vindictive and threatening nature of Kitimats citizens on the right wing of the political spectrum.

Thank You.
Christy Clark
Comment by Mayor Monaghan on 29th September 2011
When I met with her Endbridge was not even mentioned as you seemed to indicate. We talked about LNG projects and Green Pyrtrade. Mayor
more things that make you go hmmmm?
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 29th September 2011
This another one of those things that make me go Hmmmmmmm; the PEACEFUL protest in Ottawa against enbridge saw DOZENS arrested the SAME DAY as the PEACEFUL protest....yet it has taken the Police 3 months after the Vancouver riot to gather evidence... and still no convictions...

As for commenting on our Mayor..., Actions speak louder than words.... Please people on election day Get out and vote... Kitimat First...