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REPORTING · 13th September 2011
Walter McFarlane
It was Labour Day, On Monday, July 5th. With Labour day, comes the annual labour day picnic hosted by the Canadian Auto Workers Union. Mayor Joanne Monaghan and MLA Robin Austin were in attendance meeting with the people whom they serve.

It came time for them to say a few words. Ed Abreu spoke to the importance of the labour movement and public services they bring us.

Austin immediately pointed out Nathan Cullen was not present this year as he was involved with a conference concerning running for the leadership of the Federal NDP that day.

Austin said the labour movement gave people the five day week, the 8 hour day, statutory holidays, pensions and many things which Canadian’s take for granted.

“But these things which we take for granted are being taken away. We live in a world were people say we can’t afford pensions. We can’t afford quality health care. We can’t afford schools for all our children. We must not take these things for granted. We must understand people fought hard for these things. They are worth while. They speak to our Canadian values, where we all pool our resources and buy things for each other,” said Austin.

“When people say to you, ‘we can’t afford it,’ don’t stand there and say ‘accept that.’ We can afford lots in this country. This is a wealthy country. The problem is our wealth is not distributed evenly. But this is a very wealthy country and we can afford to take care of one another, let me assure of that,” said Austin

Mayor Joanne Monaghan took the microphone. She accused him of being a tough act to follow as he was very inclusive in what he says. She thanked him for all the work which he does.

Monaghan thanked the workers for all the work they did in running the community. She promised good news, jobs, union jobs and there are lots of jobs waiting in the lines. “I’m really happy about that, I hope you are too. Thank you for everything you do for us,”

Austin and Monaghan thanked the Canadian Auto Workers for putting on the Barbecue.