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COMMENTARY · 8th September 2011
Merv ritchie
There are very few Members of Canadaís Parliament, currently or in the past, that have proposed and had a legislative Bill passed while sitting on the opposite side of the floor from the government. Even fewer that has received unanimous support. There are also very few MPís whom have garnered the respect of the majority of all the MPís regardless of the Party they associate themselves with. Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen is in this very small group (it may just well be a group of one).

Cullen displays the same compassion as did Jack Layton. Cullen has the same charisma as did Layton. When Cullen arrives at a function his smile and warmth fills the room. His manner at standing in front of microphones to address an audience might even be better than Laytonís. He is brief, quick to humour and steps away long before the audience becomes bored. Cullen is a natural master in communications.

When he put forward his ĎPrivate Members Billí in 2007 he did it on principle. It was to do with the poisonous plastic products contained within childrenís toys and food materials; Bill C-307 was to ban bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, benzyl butyl phthalate and dibutyl phthalate. This was ground breaking, and after Cullen managed to stick handle it like Gretsky and negotiate with all the other Partyís, it received unanimous support. He is a principled man. See article on this here.

Cullen is also a cautious man. He rarely, if ever, gets involved in any personal controversy. He takes time to listen to all points of view and allows an opportunity for all perspectives to be heard. He is also a politician that can easily deflect a question, avoiding a direct answer so deftly the questioner does not even realize his question was avoided. Cullen is truly a very competent person to lead any organization, even one called Canada.

Today he represents one of the largest Ridings in all of Canada; the largest in BC, and he has held it ever since it was re-created in 2004. Cullen has increased his victory support at every election since he started, to now receiving over 55 percent support of the area residents. He has had a long list of challengers many who have spent much more money than he on their campaigns to unseat him.

Conservatives; Clay Harmon, Sharon Smith, Michael Scott and Andy Burton.

Liberals; Kyle Warwick, Corinna Morhart, Gordon Stamp-Vincent and Miles Richardson.

Greens; Roger Benham, Hondo Arendt and Phil Brienesse.

Canadian Action Party; Maggie Braun and Mary-Etta Goodacre.

Christian Heritage Party; Rod Taylor (4 times) and Frank Martin from the Marxist Leninist Party.

That is fifteen different challengers in four elections and Cullen has continually increased his lead, every time.

Cullen has the Layton look and charm. Nathan is balding like Jack; he is not tall, just like Jack, he smiles like Jack, captivates an audience like Jack and has the respect of all the MPís of the House just like Jack.

Voting for any other NDP member to assume the role Jack built for the NDP party would be doing Jack a disservice.

Nathan Cullen is not Jack Layton. No one can be Jack Layton. But Cullen may be just the person Layton paved the road for.

Cullen is fresh, new, vibrant (without any baggage) and has an articulate wife with a new set of twins to inspire a nation.

I am not an NDPír. I belong to no party and I am not a nationalist but if I was to look around the Country and determine just who I would like to see as a person to represent the spirit of Canadians, I see no one better.