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COMMENTARY · 7th September 2011
Randy Halyk
How can anyone respect the Mayor when she organizes a circus like the one we witnessed at Kitimat City Council this past Tuesday, September 6, 2011?

It is very obvious that she set up an attack on the Conservation Officer, Sergeant Struthers, with all the usual actors starring as downtrodden pet owners and to intimate that the case against her is political.

To accuse a peace officer of corruption is a very serious matter.

I saw a Conservation Officer come to present at council in an open and informative manner giving Council and the public good statistical information. He updated us on wildlife issues in and around our community including the wolverines. What, to me, was supporting information, that the bear safe program is a good thing; he informed he had put almost everything in place that could be valuable to Kitimat and he’d be available to help make it happen.

What happened next was disgusting.

Bringing in a mob of supporters to attack a presenter in my mind is not what Council is all about. This sets up a scenario where presenters become targets, not purveyors of information and supporters of causes.

Obviously Monaghan is trying to send a message that if you don’t support her stand on an issue you are not welcome.

When does a member of council have the right to embrace the whole community and the rest of Council with antics such as those witnessed? I say never.

Monaghan countered when I protested to her to take control of the situation stating that it is normal to allow this kind of behaviour in Council Chambers.

Well I do not agree Council is for doing the business of our City. I have been around since the last election and have never seen the like of this!

This circus that Monaghan perpetrated on the people of Kitimat is disrespectful and disgraceful. Never has council allowed an altercation to persist off in a corner of the Council Chambers. And if the Mayor did or would not act then it is up to the Manager to intervene.

Monaghan’s statement that ‘she was on the bear committee and it fell apart because she could no longer chair’ doesn’t hold water. She was not the only one on that committee that could have chaired it and anyway how does her being charged with an offence preclude her from sitting on a committee.

There is a lengthy process involved when CO’s become involved in a violation, I believe it goes like this; first an order to comply is issued giving a set time to rectify the situation. If after that time the issue is not rectified a warning is issued which gives more time to the individual. If there is still no compliance the CO can issue a ticket or in extreme cases lay charges.

Monaghan’s actual offence is in the public record at the Court Registry in Terrace. It is Failure to comply with a wildlife protection order to stop using attractants the case will be held on Dec.6 2011.

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funny stuff
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 10th September 2011
Lighten up people, Terrace council is just as dysfunctional as ours. Its nice to see people finally voicing their concerns one way or the other. I always thought us kitimat folks were too shy or embarrassed to write any thing on here.keep up the good work Funny how it took a problem with missing cats to stir up a pulse in the town ,Now stay involved and be aware of the issues that are going on around you.
Comment by Mayor Monaghan on 9th September 2011
I am not going to waste my time trying to dignify another councillors smear campaign with a rebuttal or reply. It is more mportant that I continue working on bringing businesses, industries and jobs to this area which would bring prosperity to our town of Kitimat. If anyone has a question please call 632 7512. Thank you.
Council Meeting
Comment by BT on 8th September 2011
How very embarassing to be a part of a Community where our elected officials act as they are in a Psych ward ? What ever happened to mature, professionalism ? If I was investing in this community - as a business investor, I think I would think twice with the well "named" clown show. Deal with your personal issues behind closed doors and work out the town issues as a group of adults - not (Mr. Halyk) showcase to Terrace and beef your gripes - grow up.
Are there no responsible cat owners?
Comment by Linda McGourty on 8th September 2011
As I said in my other comment. If you love your pet, don't let them roam the neighborhood without supervision, then expect conservation to kill any animal that might eat it.
Shame on you for just opening the door and letting your pets wander around loose. Get a litter box, and keep them in, or is cleaning a litter box too much trouble for the life of your beloved cat?
We live in a beautiful area , full of wildlife. I'd hate to see us start killing animals for doing what comes natural to them.
And shame on you pet owners for causing this problem, then blaming everyone else.
And don't bother responding with a bunch of crap about cats needing to get out. Any vet will tell you, cats live longer, healthier lives when kept indoors.
You're at fault. Not the poor cats, the wolverine or the conservation. You. Why should an animal die because of your irresponsibility? You made your cat a food source.
Look in the mirror.
Sgt. Struthers is right.
Comment by Mike Forward on 8th September 2011
There are unfortunate instances, such as the gruesome scene which Mrs. Carstens was forced to witness, where a wolverine attacked a pet and there was little warning it was going to happen. There is always a "first attack")where there is no precedent to serve as a red flag.

This is no longer a secret, however. There has been much lip service devoted to this subject by our local politicians, the local press, and even the Provincial press. Most people in Kitimat have either heard about the wolverine or seen it for themselves.

So now that we are aware that there is a predator in our midst that may well take a run at our pets, it is down to us as responsible pet owners to look after our own--no different than leaving our own children unsupervised to wander around when we know that bears frequently find their way into town.

As for the statistic of there being 103 cats missing, there isn't any arguing that. But attributing all 103 to the wolverine is entering the realm of speculation.

But again, the bottom line is that we need to be responsible pet owners. If your pets seem to have an issue coming back inside when you call them, perhaps they shouldn't be let outside in the first place. If you are letting your pets outside to have free roam on the city, you are exposing them to the natural dangers of the area we inhabit.
Political Positioning?
Comment by Me on 8th September 2011
It seems to me that if Mr. Halyk has an issue with the way that the meeting was conducted, a more appropriate action would have been to discuss it with his council colleagues rather than drag it into the public domain. Outside observers must think that we are governed by a bunch of clowns who can't put their own personal agendas aside rather than sober, serious people who want to make our community the best that it can be. Is Mr. Halyk planning to take a run at the mayor's chair in the next municipal election. Stop the posturing (all of you!) and get back to running our town the way it should be.
Your cats are treats to these animals.
Comment by Daniel Carter on 7th September 2011
I have seen 3 wolverines since I have moved back to Kitimat in 1992. One of these sightings about 12 years ago was about 500m from the Saunders shop near duck creek bridge. Yes they have lived close to town for quite some time. They are scavengers but will hunt and kill smaller animals if given a chance. A free roaming cat is a walking treat to a wolverine. The simple solution would be to remove the food source. Sgt. Struthers is 100% correct here.
Are We Becoming The Joke Again?
Comment by Sandra Capezzuto on 7th September 2011
This whole issue is getting just a little out of hand; in my opinion. Where is the public outcry and outrage over the rumoured cat poisonings in Kildala? How about the cat that was found shot by a pellet gun; just prior to the wolverine being seen eating a cat... didn't that occur in the same neighbourhood? I have in the past also heard stories of people re-locating cats that are a problem to them; for whatever reason.

I have owned cats and, I have nothing against them. The reality though is that a free roaming cat is a nuisance and, is actually detrimental to some people. There are people/children in our community that are severely allergic to cats. What about the home gardener, I know a few that detest cats using their veggie/flower gardens as a personal litter box.

lmao at Professor X... say hi to Captain America!
Comment by sean greenslade on 7th September 2011
Wolverine Problem
Comment by Charles Xavier on 7th September 2011

My name is Professor Charles Xavier
and I have been reading about the wolverine
situation in Kitimat.

I have had dealings with a wolverine many times
and I offer my services to teach the people
of Kitimat how they can deal with this creature.

The Wolverine is a loner, prone to anger which leads to altercations and they have an advanced healing factor and keen sense of smell.

They have a distinct brown and orange color but some breeds have a bright yellow and blue coat.

If anyone would like further information or anyone on Kitimat Council would like to contact me my mailing address is as follows.

Professor Charles Xavier:
Xavier Institute for Higher Learning & School for Gifted Youngsters
1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center
Westchester County, New York.
Hey Randy
Comment by Aaron von Schleinitz on 7th September 2011

Can you send me the un-edited version? This is really interesting stuff.