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NEWS RELEASE · 3rd September 2011
The Kitimat RCMP would like to warn drivers that extra police officers will be out in full force this upcoming long weekend setting up roadblocks at various times during the days, evenings, and nights and at various locations. While nighttime roadblocks can target impaired driving, daytime roadblocks will be aimed at apprehending violators when it comes to the Distracted Driving Legislation (talking or texting on a cell phone while driving). Drivers caught using an electronic device while driving (texting) or seen talking on a cell phone while driving will be issued a $167.00 violation ticket.
Police aren't babysitters!
Comment by Me on 7th September 2011
The police aren't babysitters! If your kid is going into the bars then deal with it, your his parent. It sounds like you know where the drugs are, grow a set and report it! The police are doing a fantastic job.
Sleepy hollow
Comment by Ant on 4th September 2011
The perception of kitimat is that nothing really happens. 3 accidents with in a 2 week stretch 2 at cemetary hill and 1 near hirshcreek. Why doesn't this get reported? Catching speeders is important but instead of waiting to catch speeders at 5 am going to work or at 6 .30 friday night on their way home from work,the police should start concentrating on catching some of the coke and pot dealers who have decided to make kitimat their home. Not all the drug dealers are new in town ,we have a lot of home grown dealers here too,but it is getting worse as more construction begins happening.would be nice to hear about some drug busts and convictions once and awhile. Part of the reason this is bothering me is because there are a lot of under age kids going into the town pubs ,i know this because my son goes and it pisses me off he gets in. Bars are desperate for money so they don't seem to check ID. So when the police do their monthly report at city council maybe they could be asked about the drugs circulating around town.