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A few days later, the ditches in Cablecar were brushed.
REPORTING · 31st August 2011
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Bob Corless brought forward a request at the Council Meeting on Monday August 15th. He wanted to know if there could be a letter or information on when the highway was to be brushed.

“Along the highways, it’s getting long again. I find it extremely dangerous, it doesn’t give you any time with the animals,” said Corless.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan asked for a motion to write a letter. Corless did not see the need. He said a simple phone call would suffice. A motion was now on the table.

Councillor Randy Halyk wanted to know when they were going to brush the ditches in Cablecar. Monaghan stated they were going to light a fire under this highway de-brushing because animals are harder to spot when they are in the brush.

A few days later, the ditches in Cablecar were brushed.
Comment by Ant on 4th September 2011
I have not seen any brushing going on in cable car.
bus stop 4 the brave
Comment by marc on 2nd September 2011
Could that be a bus stop being constructed on the hgwy opposite of the cable car entrance??? that particular intersection is a complete hazard and the introduction of more congestion and innocent bystanders should draw some attention.....real quick
to Brush or not to Brush is the question
Comment by Cem on 1st September 2011
A big thanks to Councillor Bob Corless to have the brush along the hwy cut down. One day around 4 in the afternoon I came close to hitting 4 bears coming back from Terrace, each in a different spot. But I feel the ditches in Cable Car should be left alone. The ditches are now a mucky mess. The grass that grows in the ditches act to keep the water filtered and now the cut grass could clog the culverts. What happens to the fish in the ditches ? Fish soup anybody ? The District has enough money to sqaunder to have the grass cut in the ditches yet they charge $700.00 to have the grass cut over at the Snowflake grounds.

Since I am on the subject of Cable Car, there are a few others items I would like to get off my mind.
At the corner of Rainbow and Coho or is it Halibut(another qurk about Cable Car I won't get into right now) at the stop sign, there is a hedge which should be cut back. According to driving regulations, a person is to stop at the stop sign and gradually pull out. At that point with the hedge one finds that you are out onto the street with oncoming traffic. Another bad place is the stop sign at the hwy. the trees should be cut back. There are a few people that need to go to driving school as they come off the hwy and make too sharp of a turn onto Oolichan and then look at the driver in the opposite lane as if what the "hell" are you doing in my way ! Cable Car is a wonderful place to live but some people seem to feel once they move into Cable Car they can bring all their old vehicles and store them on the property. Some of the vehicles haven't moved in years, some don't cut their grass, some have no respect for quiet which is why I thought folks moved to the country but with barking dogs, noisy race cars, dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATV's with no license or insurance, guns going off at all hours, bull dozers scraping over at the dump, Cable Car is not "quiet country living." As far as the grading of the one gravel road in Cable Car, I find people drive fast enough in Cable Car and with the pot holes, at least they slow down abit. Where are the police when there are people speeding down Rainbow Blvd ? People and children on bicycles, on horses, walking their dogs( not leashed, another pet peeve) it can be a hazardous place to live at times. It is just a matter of time and someone is going to get hurt.