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CONTRIBUTION · 29th August 2011
Randy Halyk
People of Kitimat, I need your help and advice, as you may know there is a group trying to buy and run Shames Mountain, they have requested a very large sum from all the Municipalities in the region to help buy the mountain.

Prince Rupert and Terrace have both opted out, citing a lack of money etc.. This would indicate to me that any backers would have to increase the requested contribution to take up the shortfall created by the communities that cannot afford to be involved.

The My Mountain info clearly shows a small number of people living in Kitimat actually uses the Mountain and that the Mountain has lost money consistently through the years.

Even if Kitimat could afford to invest our tax dollars I am not convinced that giving the money to a group so far from and as little used by Kitimatians is the proper use of our tax dollars.

I feel this kind of tax spending needs to be approved by the people as I see it outside the normal purvey of Council.

It is clear that this group has powerful backers but should Kitimat be investing in an operation that has never ever seen a profit and also admits that it will require a subsidy from investors for years to come and possibly forever.

Even if the other communities reverse their decisions and invest, any subsidy would be a substantial burden on our taxes going forward.

Any and all comments are welcome.

Councillor Randy Halyk
Where are all the other councilors
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 10th September 2011
Thanks Mr.Halyk forgoing out and asking advice on what our town thinks is best for our town. I hope the other councilors are being as proactive as you.
My advice is, "NO!"
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 7th September 2011
That would be a bad investment. Say no and move on. Thanks for asking.
Comment by Ant on 4th September 2011
Yes it would be a shame for the hill to close,but we are living in uncertain times. Is it a one time thing or must my tax money keep going into it forever?Where was terrace when we needed your support during the Alcan power sales agreement? No where to be seen ,actually a slap in the face when Terrace put a whole page add in the Standard supporting Alcan. And for your support you got a big cheque from Alcan to help build your arena and a majority of any new jobs at the smelter to top it off. It seems to me terrace has a lot of money being thrown around for A full time Mayor ,air port lands . Ask Rodger Harris to twist a few liberal rubber arms .
can't change your mind when Shames is gone
Comment by Kelly on 1st September 2011
My family of 4 just moved here from Vancouver Island, and part of what made Kitimat a desirable relocation option was the close proximity to Shames Mountain. If this mountain is forced to close, you won't have the option to change your mind later, it will be gone.
I hope the Kitimat council sets an example by supporting the effort to purchase Shames. If people living here use the mountain, they will spend money on equipment, and that money could be spent here if business owners want to cash in.
On, that note, it would also be nice if some of the big companies in town consider showing support as well.
I won't even pretend to know how much money it costs to support various activities in the community, but I assume that many supported activities don't appeal to every community member (ice arena, soccer fields, swimming). Not everyone here likes to ski or snowboard, but a lot of people I've met here do.
I agree...
Comment by Sandra Capezzuto on 30th August 2011
If the Terrace council will not take any initiative in funding their own ski hill; then we definitely should not!
A tough question and situation
Comment by David Brown on 30th August 2011
It is not an easy situation. As northwest residents we are used to accepting a lower level of service than in more metropolitan locations. In return we are rewarded with a more relaxed lifestyle and a connection with nature. Unfortunately, if Shames is no longer a viable entity we lose a recreational service and an opportunity to experience nature.

The current structure being proposed, to operate the mountain, is not intended to be a private business but a community cooperative offering benefits back to the communities surrounding it. If the cooperative board and our elected officials feel that a break even or a close to break even entity can be created it is worth considering. It would be a shame to lose Shames. In Kitimat we have supported the golf course during hard times, and it is even more so a private operation.

I think it would show leadership to state we support the community effort to provide a benefit to the community. It would show even more leadership to do what is possible to assist in working with the provincial government to resolve debts owing to the province and seek support for a plan that will provide an ongoing ski operation into the future. Whether it would include providing financial assistance or loan of equipment is something that hopefully council approaches with an open mind and with a mind to keeping services for our community members.
Tyson private bsuiness is not public...
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 30th August 2011
The difference between a PUBLIC rink and Shames is that a public rink is PUBLICLY OWNED.... shames is not! Tax dollars should NEVER be used subsidize the operation of a PRIVATE business! KITIMAT FIRST
a vote for shames mountain
Comment by tyson hull on 30th August 2011
Dear Sir,
Please note in your argument and that of your community that Shames is a private enterprise that today recieves zero government subsidies nor community funding. To say it is losing money year over year is correct but very little while 25,000 persons per year visit and pay to use the faciliites. Our local hockey rink, library, and parks surrounding your community that benefits all regardless of usage bleed hundreds of thousands of tax dollars each year much more than Shames mountain. As a co-operative shames would need support from all in the area, it needed to start in Terrace and spread out to Kitimat and Prince Rupert. I thank you for the opportunity to mail you direct regarding this issue and have our opinion on your desk, as for the persons critizing any funding to the mountain review your local communities direct input into other community assets such as a hockey rink, then divide the hundreds of thousands spent by number of persons using the facility all of these services operate at massive losses requiring subsidies yet this is the first time a mountain has ever asked. Shames is asking much less of our area tax base than any other facility. Thank you
Comment by richard on 30th August 2011
agree with larry.we spent enough looking after kitimat distric. no to ski hill. do something for the less fortunate here in your own community.
Taxpayers can decide for themselves.
Comment by Mike Forward on 30th August 2011
If Shames is looking for contributions to keep the hill open, I think each individual in Kitimat is capable of looking into their wallets and deciding whether or not they would like to invest money. I don't think the District of Kitimat on our behalf should be investing our tax dollars into a business that has lost money hand over fist for years.

Those same dollars would be better spent, in my opinion, improving Kitimat itself.
my 2 cents worth
Comment by phil germuth on 30th August 2011
I have had a season pass at Shames for 3 of the last 4 years. My 2 youngest have had seasons passes for the last 5 years.

Shames is a great asset and it would be a shame to see it go.

Having said that however I dont think the taxpayers of Kitimat should be put into the position of funding it.
Terrace said no...
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 30th August 2011
Terrace council isn't investing in it... if the community that stands to benefit the most from a ski hill isn't willing to put up a penny then why should a community that will get NOTHING in return? Its time this council focused our tax dollars on this community's NEEDS. Stop the needless pandering. I remind you... its an election year, you better be spending my tax dollars wisely! KITIMAT FIRST!
support the ski hill
Comment by ownerOatsie on 30th August 2011
If we are promoting Kitimat as a retirement
community,then i would say having a ski hill
close by would be an asset.Also with all the people
coming into the area over the next three to four
years, i think it could be a viable buisness
Corporate Sponsorship
Comment by Larry Thompson on 30th August 2011
Maybe the group should be trying to establish events that would attract more people to the hill. I am sure that companies such as Enbridge, Rio Tinto, Apache etc would like to have a corporate sponsored event to get some positive press.
Comment by Stannis , kitimat resident on 29th August 2011
I think this is one " Tax Burden " that people will gladly support. Its one of the few remaining ammenities in our part of the north. The 3 northern communities , kitimat , Terrace , Prince Rupert all have one place in common. Shames Mountain. Just last winter I met vistiting vancouver residents , who flew in to ski the mountain during the height of the 2010 olympic fevor. I asked them why would they come to shames mountain with Whistler right at their doorstep ? They replied Shames mountains snow conditions are one of the best in the province. No mountain will take a further chunk out of the northwest economy. With the alcan modernization and along with it 1000 + people coming into town, Shames offers one of the few family friendly activities. With the other turist attraction the " hots springs " out of commision. What are people to do for fun ?? I say good luck retaining all the new faces that will be coming in to town. Lets not break the bank here budget wise. But I would be proud if our city stepped up to the plate and showed some support. The winters are long and summers are short. With a town name meaning " people of the snow " it seems like a good idea.
The ski hill
Comment by Larry on 29th August 2011
The town is not and will never be "involved in the sking business". If it such a good deal then let the business owners invest....but do not use our tax dollars