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This stuffed critter can be found at the museum.
REPORTING · 17th August 2011
Walter McFarlane
Mayor Joanne Monaghan brought the Wolverine up under New Business at the Kitimat City Council on Monday, August 15th. There was no motion; there was simply a discussion on the Wolverine.

“There are apparently four in our community. We have seen three at one time and, exactly at the same time, one on at exactly the same time in another part of town. It has now gone over to Babine Street in that area,” said Monaghan.

She stated the Wolverines have not been eradicated yet.

“If you have pussycats, keep them inside because these predators seem to enjoy that gourmet for their lunch. We have about 80 cats missing so far and we have asked the Conservation Officers to set a trap and they did get two bears instead of the wolverine. They have modified the trap to see if they can lure the wolverine into the trap,” said Monaghan.

She expressed she talked to a doctor who has worked with wolverines and he told her the only trap which will work on a wolverine is a lethal one. She has talked with other wolverine experts and they will try to come up with some help.

Councillor Gerd Gottschling said he was disappointed to hear this has reached national television. “We are spending hundreds of dollars advertising this community as a safe community, as a retirement community and this almost nullifies saying our community is not safe. One of the things that I am really concerned about is that family pets become a part of our family and just as we don’t have our children go on the streets where there is busy traffic, owners of pets need to be [careful] not to let them run around where there is danger lurking out there,” said Gottschling.

He expressed the wolverines are proving a danger to pets and compared it to the issue with garbage and bears. Bears are invited into the community for the garbage. He expressed it was unfortunate after spending money to have the wolverine message spread nationally on television, it was embarrassed as a Councillor.

Councillor Randy Halyk praised the Mayor for the kind of coverage Kitimat received from the Wolverine. He wished Kitimat could have had the same coverage over Eurocan and the Hospital lands. However, he suggested another idea.

“I think we should celebrate the critters. All of the critters that tend not to be around this community. I have only lived here a short time and I came from the lower mainland where there was constantly animals in my back yard. There was possums and porcupines and skunk and you name it, every kind of little critter and they got in garbage and they did some damage some times but they are a part of life, they are a part of the ecology of living and we live in the bush, we should be celebrating these animals,” said Halyk.

He stated he did not see a lot of animals and he hoped to see more. Wolverines are a quick and dangerous animal. He said he did not want to see the wolverine’s dead. Monaghan stated both of the professionals she talked to pointed out wolverines are not vicious but they will go after a child who is holding a small animal the wolverine has determined to be its lunch.

“As Mayor of this community, I do not want to see a child or anyone injured in that situation,” said Monaghan. She added she is trying to find a way to get the wolverines to go back to where they came from.

Councillor Bob Corless stated people should be looking after their pets. Eagles and red foxes take cats. If the wolverine were not here, the other predators would get them. Monaghan pointed out she was told by Maryanne Baumbach: Kitimat only loses an average of 2-4 cats in a summer.

Halyk stated Council has tried to settle this problem with cats with the chip program. He suggested is putting less food for the carnivores and control the animals we have. Monaghan suggested they could follow the chip into the wolverine’s lair. Corless joked about people having a chip on their shoulder.

We at the Kitimat Daily have, in the past, asked Maryanne Baumbach if microchip they plan on using on pets provides a GPS signal. She replied they did not.
80 cats eh ...
Comment by T.Rollip on 23rd August 2011
That gosh darn wolverine is pretty damn effective.. if they catch it , they should release that crazy joker in downtown Prince Rupert ;)
Comment by liz on 17th August 2011
REALLY...embarassed by the wolverine coverage???? What Northern Town do you live in? Spend as much money as you want advertising this community as a retirement community there will still be bears and other wildlife....Thats why most of us WANT to live here! I'm agreeing with ...any coverage is GOOD coverage!