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REPORTING · 11th August 2011
Walter McFarlane

Concerns about the wolverine are growing as the cat population in Kitimat decreases. As of Tuesday, August 9th, the number of cats reported missing was up to 72. However, this number is not exact. Maryanne Baumbach of the Looking for Love Animal Shelter stated she has heard of other cats which are missing which have not been called in.

“If we value our pets, we should try to find a way to keep them inside or build an enclosure where the cats can go in or out,” said Baumbach.

She stated the Humane Society wants to see the Wolverine trapped and moved into it’s natural environment.

The conservation officers have set a trap in Kitimat on Friday August 5th but have been so far unsuccessful in catching it.

“The issue is not a high priority as there is no public safety concern. The Wolverine is being dealt with as nuisance wildlife. People can call in sightings or confirmed kills of cats to 1-877-952-7277,” said Conservation Officer Gareth Scrivner.

Update: We have been informed: While the trap has been set for wolverines, it has so far been successful in capturing two yearling bears which were in the area.
Wolverine v.s. Cats HYPOCRACY
Comment by Leon Dumstrey-SooS on 17th August 2011
What the irresponsible cat owners were not willing to do: PROTECT THE BIRDS in sorrounding green belt,and back yards from their PREDATORY PETS! Now here apeared a NATURAL PROTECTOR of our small FETHERED FRIENDS that are greatly beneficial to our environment.
Since Wolverines presence here , BIRDS are back in my Yard!
We must LICENCE our dogs NOT CATS?
WHY Is COUNCIL discriminating LICENSING!
Dangerous dogs are destroyed, NOT CATS!
Their owners do not even make an effort to DECLAW them!
Thank you
Good Riddance
Comment by ConcernedCitizen on 12th August 2011
Maybe we should introduce a couple more wolverines around town. Maybe then there won't be so many cats wandering through years, pooping in people's gardens.

If you are so worried keep your cats inside or put them on a leash and watch them when they are outside.