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CONTRIBUTION · 28th July 2011
Ted Bergen
I am in total disbelief that Walmart refuses to relocate the pool supplies (which are poison) from their toy department. I thought I had this problem solved 2 years ago when, at that time, I approached the manager. It took a number of visits, and finally a threat to contact the media, to get the poison off of the toy department shelves.

Unfortunately a short time ago I was informed that the poisons were again in the toy department. The new manager & district manager had the same response as the manager did 2 years ago. They did not see any problem having poisons right next to children’s toys & had no intention of moving them to a more appropriate location. The manager said she would contact the “powers to be” and get back to me. The district manager’s defence was “Canadian Tire does it”.

The manager did get back to me and informed me that everyone who could make the decision of moving the poison from the toy department was out of country & we would have to wait.

I found this unacceptable and once again started to contact the media.

Ted Bergen lives in Kitimat
Dumb, dumb, dumb
Comment by Linda M on 16th February 2012
So, in an area of Walmart where there is likely to be a higher proportion of small children than any where else, and in an area where they are probably least supervised, Walmart decides to store and display poison. This stuff should be under lock and key, never mind out on display. Really sad but I see a needless death and a massive lawsuit just waiting to happen., Who's bright marketing idea was this?