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REPORTING · 27th July 2011
Walter McFarlane
The wolverine is still at large in the Kitimat area. It was spotted again by the Carstens family, who have already lost a cat to it, spotted it again, this time, we were told, it showed no fear to their presence.

“We haven’t attempted to catch a wolverine because there is no threat to the public,” said Conservation Officer, Gareth Scrivner.

He explained they have only 2 cats reported missing from the Wolverine. He stated they are receiving more accurate information about the Wolverine now. The first calls concerned missing cats from owners or friends of cat owners which does not give them information they could act on.

“If people have pets and they live on the edge of the forest then our position is: If they are going to let them run free, there are things out there that could and will take your cat. Its not a high priority for us to attend and deal with those instances,” said Scrivner.

Scrivner expressed there is no records of wolverines attacking people in BC. “Any animal, if it feels cornered or trapped will try and defend itself. In terms of being concerned about wolverines, we’re not concerned about the public safety by having a wolverine in the area,” said Scrivner.

The Conservation Officers expect the behaviour of the Wolverine has changed because it has been able to get some cats and food from the edge of town. This is bringing the wolverine in. Scrivner explained wolverines typically have huge territories and when they enter a town, they usually take off. This one has been around town for a while now.

“In terms of advice to people, I would say: If they are concerned, then keep your animals in. Small cats and dogs, keep them inside. First thing in the morning and last thing at night and overnight. We are going to set a trap anyhow. We’ll either relocate it or assess it,” said Scrivner.

In the mean time, a second wolverine has been spotted on Sunday, July 24th by the Coho Flats Trail by a homeowner in the area, Barb Campbell.

“Out of the forest came a two year old, frisky, wolverine, running back and forth in my back yard. He was about 30’ from the patio when he stood up on his hind end, looked at us and then he bounced back and forth back and forth and back into the forest,” said Campbell.

The Looking For Love Animal Shelter has informed the Kitimat Daily, there are 37 cats which have gone missing in the last 12 weeks in the neighbourhood where the wolverine has been spotted. We were informed this was contrary to the nature of these cats. While we were at the shelter, 3 more cats were reported missing.
Comment by Tracy Petley on 5th August 2011
Not a threat to the public. Hmm since Wolverines will take on a Grizzly what chance would a child have. They have no fear and its not normal for them to be in town. They are animals that prefer to be on their own. They may start with small animals but if an opportunity presents its self and its a small child rather then a cat they will take it. CO give your head a shake I say next time you see a wolverine in town people go over the local levels head.
Comment by Questions???? on 4th August 2011
This very small group(3-4) people concerned about the wolverine in our neighbourhood is a joke, concerned about children? Ya right!

This is the same group of people that tried to run the Conservation officers off the road when they were dealing with a black bear in our town.

I would like to know why these people were not concerned about our children then. Their concern was only to save the bears.

I am extremely disappointed that our Mayor we voted in, is one of these people. Work on getting this town back Mayor !

Comment by Ruby Duncan on 2nd August 2011
I can't send my granddaughter to play outside by herself unless the wolverine/wolverines are caught and relocated. It shouldn't be like this because it is summer and they should be playing outside. I don't want her too be a statistic of the wolverine, scary just thinking about that. Wish the conservation officer would do something about the woverine before it attacks a child.
Wolverine spotted on Baxter Ave.
Comment by Margaret McDaniel on 27th July 2011
I saw the wolverine three weeks ago in the green space on Baxter Ave. Walking my small dog, the wolverine came out of the tall grass and looked at me and my pet. I scooped up the dog and got back home quickly. I also phoned the conservation officer the same evening. My concern is that the green space is used frequently by kids riding bikes and playing in the open field. Relocating the wolverine to their appropriate environment is the right thing to do, kids and people carrying out usual routines - like walking your dog on the street need to feel safe in our city limits. I don't need proof of an attack on a human to know that wolverines are capable of great aggressiveness.Losing a beloved pet to a wolverine is tough enough...I couldn't imagine if a child was the target. The wolverine needs to be relocated so it can survive in its appropriate environment, and the residents of Kitimat can feel safe in ours.