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COMMENTARY · 21st July 2011
“When a well-packaged web of lies
has been sold gradually to
the masses over generations,
the truth will seem utterly preposterous
and its speaker a raving lunatic.”

Dresden James

The world’s financial crisis has taken over much of the major news stations. The “Debt Ceiling” in the United States and today’s Eurozone debt default with Greece continue to dominate the financial headlines. Much of the American news over the past few days has also focused on the severe migraine headaches suffered by one of the leading republican presidential candidates, Michele Bachmann.

Anyone who has suffered migraines would not laugh about it. The seriousness of the pain has many considering suicide. Even sleep does not provide any relief as the pain simply continues even if the sufferer can manage to drift off. Some psychologists however have suggested the mind creates the perfect migraine storm all on its own. When a persons perceptions and their reality conflict so greatly the brain will start an internal struggle and the result will be this migraine condition.

Poor Ms Bachmann has to face the conflict of her countries debt crisis and the reality of the debt. None of it can endure reasoned thought. There is no manner in which to create a reasonable logical discussion, a discussion of facts without emotional fantasies, to seriously address the USA debt using the present day financial institutions. The same goes for the European Central Bank and the looming default of many of their participating countries.

The solution is so simple it is absolutely absurd how all the financial geniuses, (at least those paraded in front of the television cameras) completely avoid the discussion. I must admit and apologize to my father in law here too as I lost my cool and actually raised my voice in utter frustration. After writing about it since the inception of our publications, a five full years, I would have thought it was already a fairly well understood concept.

JF Kennedy tried to do it as did many other Presidents. In fact the foundation of America was all about it. Hitler got Germany out of the worst debt in history up to that point by doing it. Even the Magna Carta was founded on the same principle. Print your own damn money!

No wonder Bachmann has a headache. Borrowing money from foreign banks, at interest, to give back to them, increasing the debt is pure insanity. Watching everyone do it and participating with most countries and international organizations to encourage it, would be enough to set off that storm of miss firing synapses in any reasoned persons brain.

Even the most recent example of a defaulting nation, Greece, is being offered a partial default (ever heard of that?) so that they will be permitted to borrow more money. Comedians get to write jokes about it while economists and politicians attempt to speak seriously and knowledgably about the ludicrous nature of the discussions.

The financial world is a game of charades performed by some of the most immature, unthoughtful, ignorant charlatans in mans history. But as these same psychopaths run and own most all of the media, the majority of our friends and neighbours are utterly convinced of the veracity (truth) of the nonsense.

When America was founded the government began to print their own money and circulated it at no interest to facilitate growth and stimulate the economy. They did this after a war to break free from the international interest charging bankers. In the first decade of the 1900’s the international bankers were able to retake the control of the American currency and today we see the result.

There is nothing that can save us from the result of an interest charging money system. The end result is always poverty and destitution. This is precisely why the Magna Carta was initially written for King John to sign in the early 1200’s in Britain. This is simply history repeating itself.

We have all been so deluded into believing interest has to be charged. “Why would anyone lend money then?” I was asked. “You have to get a return on lending it out, right?” Wrong!

Money is only a tool. It is a tool to create and facilitate our social, civilized growth. A sovereign country can print it, circulate it, honour it, redeem it, increase or decrease the supply of it, lend it at zero interest and completely control their own national interests with it. Every example in history of where it has been tried, a country printing its own money and circulating it without interest has resulted in a better life for the people. The secondary result however has been a war foisted upon the nation to destroy that success and independence.

So today we continue to watch the idiocy across the globe. The Charlatans stand every morning like drugged monkeys clapping their hands for minutes while the bell rings at the opening of the stock markets. Every economist or accountant I have known didn’t have a clue about how an internal combustion engine worked, how to swing a hammer or properly use a shovel. All they know is how to repeat the lies they have completely fallen for. It isn’t their fault. It is what they have been taught and what all their associates and partners believe. It is like the blind faith of a cult following. Once in, it is almost impossible to get out.

So here is the final thought.

Go to your banker this month and tell them you can’t afford to make the payments on your mortgage. The banker has the option of allowing you to just make the interest payment to give you time to get more financially stable. This is similar to making the minimum payment on your credit card. You are simply paying the interest, not reducing the amount owing.

Next month go to them and ask if you can borrow more money so you can make that interest payment you owe. He or she might laugh you right out of your home. But then imagine what is happening in the international banking world. With Greece the banker is offering to reduce the total of the amount owing (just because) so they can lend them more money to pay the interest they owe. Ya just can’t make this stuff up.

No wonder Ms. Bachmann has a headache. The credit rating agencies (another group of charlatans) have reduced her countries rating which will increase the interest rate the USA will have to pay for the money they borrow from the international bankers, to give to the same bankers, making this whole untenable situation all the more stupid. And yes, Libya printed their own currency. They were in the process of getting most of Africa to join them in refusing these international bankers. Why are we bombing them again?

I am sorry I yelled at you Gunter, it’s just that the knowledge of how uninformed and fooled it appears everyone around me is; I just took it out on the one closest to me.