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REPORTING · 8th July 2011
Walter McFarlane
The upcoming UBCM was a topic on the agenda of the regular meeting of Council on Monday, July 4th. Councillor Gerd Gottschling added they should be meeting with Premier Christy Clark and cabinet.

“To write her a letter asking, requesting and maybe giving her one or two different dates so that either meet with them in Victoria or she would come with her cabinet. I think it would probably be very difficult for her to bring her cabinet. That’s why we would prefer to have a separate meeting from that particular date,” said Gottschling.

Gottschling pointed out Kitimat has a lot of stuff on the table which they need to meet with her about. Mayor Joanne Monaghan and Councillor Mario Feldhoff pointed out they have already sent her several letters. Feldhoff wanted to know what kind of response they have received. The response was she would consider it and look forward to come here.

Councillor Randy Halyk said they have met with cabinet at UBCM but it takes them away from doing good business for the rest of British Columbia. He added one more letter was not an issue.

Clark was in Kitimat on July 7th to meet with Rio Tinto Alcan. Councillor Halyk attended the meeting in Terrace to verbally invite her to Kitimat. He also quickly touched upon a few of the issues.
Comment by richard on 22nd July 2011
awaste of letter it.if they where here you would of seen them.sworn to secrecy meetings,thats how the goverment works,no puplic knowledge.only those important and wealthy enough to attend will have that knowledgewhich exclused 95 % of the locals. that`s how it seems to work. the 5 % know who you are as some of us do know who`s partay in these controlled meetings.....
more important
Comment by richard on 19th July 2011
meeting with rio-tinto alcan and the high class with tinto`s best interest at heart,power first ,kitimats they own most of the coastaline in surounding area. Your a little to late. Sad put true!
wait a minute
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 11th July 2011
Wasn't Priemier Clark here in Kitimat last week???? Didn't she visit Kitimat??? So who did she visit? Don't tell me our Premiere ignored our Mayor and council? What a surprise?