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NEWS RELEASE · 30th June 2011
Green Party of Canada
On Friday, June 24, the Conservative government once again embarrassed our country on the international stage. We alone prevented the United Nations from adding chrysotile asbestos to the global list of hazardous substances.

We won’t allow asbestos in our homes and offices. We are spending millions to remove it from our Parliament buildings. Here in Canada, we know asbestos is hazardous. Yet year after year our government refuses to let the world officially recognize it as hazardous, because they want to continue to export it to developing countries without even a warning label.

Our government has behaved shamefully on this issue, and when you behave badly there’s only one thing to do: apologize. Since Stephen Harper clearly won’t, the Green Party is apologizing to the rest of the world for our country’s disgraceful position on asbestos. We invite all Canadians to join us in saying “We’re sorry!”

Post a message of apology on our asbestos Facebook page. Send your own email of apology to imsorry,,, and we’ll forward them to the General Secretary of the United Nations.
white asbestos
Comment by Oceans on 14th July 2011
The Asbestos now being mined is considered low risk compared to the amphibole asbestos, If its not banned for use in Canada, why should Canada ban its use outside Canada. It is used in solid froms now a day, no one uses it the way the more dangerous Asbestos was used. There are far more dangerous items to health being produced in Canada, but for some reason Asbestos takes the beating. Take a look at the chemical and petro chemical industries, the arms industries, the Nuclear industry. With safegaurds in place they can along with Asbestos continue to be produced and used safely.