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REPORTING · 23rd June 2011
Walter McFarlane
Laura Westcott took the stand at the City Council Meeting on Monday, June 6th to speak about the need for trash receptacles in the community.

“I’m here representing the royal ‘we’ of Kitimat that there is probably a lot more of us out there. [We] attended the [Advisory Recreation Commission] and did a presentation to them as to why we believe there needs to be a few more garbage cans in specific areas,” said Westcott.

Council received a map of locations where Garbage Cans were needed. Westcott told Council she walks every day with a friend and there are areas where there are no garbage cans or receptacles for pooper scooper. She listed her route for Council.

She noted along the 5 Kilometre sidewalk up Haisla Hill, there was no garbage can until Tony’s Corner Store. Several Garbage Cans on these routes are on School Property and others require leaving the sidewalk.

“We come from a town where you want us to use the parkways. You want a clean healthy liveable environment. We don’t feel that it is too much to ask for garbage cans. We went to ARC which is parks and recreation. They seem to have a lot of garbage cans. Coughlin park has 3 and yet Haisla Hill has nothing,” said Westcott. “We feel as a taxpayer of Kitimat that we’d like to walk, we love being able to walk in this town but we also think that we should be given the opportunity not to half to carry our poop for 2.5 Kilometres before there is a receptacle,” said Westcott.

It even got to the point where she offered to buy a garbage can for Haisla Hill and she was told she would have to talk to Mayor and Council.

She recommended 7 locations for Council to take a look at. Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion for the 7 new bear proof garbage receptacles. Councillor Corinne Scott said there have been many other requests for such locations. Councillor Bob Corless wanted to know if they had the money for this as they were spending money like “Drunken Sailors.”

It was explained there was a surplus last year and they should have money for some small projects. It was too late to raise taxes. Feldhoff added the cost was not a large cost. The real cost was in emptying these containers.

Corless added he wanted to spend money to make things easier for people. Some of these locations have had receptacles but they are gone now due to bears/vandals. He thanked the people of Kitimat who were doing their part to keep the town clean.

The locations which have been proposed for the garbage cans are one for bottom of Haisla Hill, one at the top of the hill, one between Columbia and Quatsino, one between Quatsino and Lahakas, one between Lahakas and Kingfisher, on between Lahakas and Nalibila and between Alexander and Lahakus.

The motion was carried.