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COMMENTARY · 16th June 2011
Merv Ritchie
What will it take? When will we have the BC Spring like the Arab Spring? How many lies and how much corruption will the residents of this great Province endure. And just what is the TDP?

It was all a lie and the lies continue. The mainstream media are simply lost in considering their revenue, their bottom line, to consider telling the truth. In earlier decades a government that was this corrupt, so obviously manipulating the prosecutor’s office and the courts, would have been continuously trashed by the media. Today the meekly media stands by and watches at times even acting as the government apologist.

First off, the TDP. We all got a new tax when the Liberal Government brought in the HST and the new tax wasn’t the HST. The newest tax was the TDP – Tax on Designated Property. And this new tax was also set at 12%. Now all the talk is about how the government is planning to reduce the HST to 10% if British Columbians are foolish enough to fall on their own sword, the one they raised against such a corrupt government. But no one is asking the correct questions.

“Will you also reduce the TDP?” I’d almost bet Ms. Clark might be stumped herself. “What’s the TDP?”

The change from the GST and PST to the HST presented a unique problem for the Provincial and Federal Governments. BC charged a Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on the repeated sales of used equipment; Cars, Boats, Trailers, Tractors etc. But this wasn’t part of the Federal Governments HST billable tax program (other provinces are not so bold as to repeatedly tax the same product over and over and over) so BC had to find a solution. The wisdom was to trick British Columbians yet again.

An entirely new tax was created and to avoid easy detection of this new tax they set the rate at the same rate as the new HST, 12%. In this way, when a consumer (a British Columbian) went to pay their tax as they registered their used car purchase they just assumed they were paying HST.

No, they were duped yet again.

Don’t forget this government stated even booze prices would come down yet they raised their own prices so they wouldn’t have to change the labels on the Government liquor store shelves. Read More Details Here.

This BC Liberal (Conservative/Social Credit) Government will lie, trick and deceive in any manner they think they can get away with. And the mainstream media cowers from potential loss of revenue or a lawsuit.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

The BC Rail deception and the hurried closure of the trial to avoid exposure of the most responsible, many of those who remain in the Government should have had the BC Spring in full swing. Today we have the new deception of switching the Fight HST program on its head, using our own hard earned tax dollars to trick and deceive BCers yet again. Hundreds of thousands marched NO HST. Now to vote NO you have to vote YES.

Wow, at least in Cuba and the USSR, even North Korea, you know what to expect from your government. Here in BC, almost every day a new devious plan is conspired. And the media simply plays us all as the fools we are.

And the Tax on Designated Property, where does this idiocy end?