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NEWS RELEASE · 3rd June 2011
MLA Robin Austin
The B.C. Liberal’s recent announcement to lower the HST is clearly a desperate attempt to buy votes in the dawn of the referendum, says MLA for Skeena, Robin Austin.

“The B.C. Liberal’s track record on the HST has been marred since they introduced it shortly after they said they would not,” said MLA for Skeena, Robin Austin. “I don’t think British Columbians are fooled that Premier Clark and Minister Falcon are lowering the HST rate for the betterment of the people.”

The B.C. Liberals claimed the HST would be revenue neutral, but it has proved a huge cash grab out of the pockets of B.C. families.

Austin pointed out that two months ago Premier Clark said she would not support a reduction of the HST rate because she felt it was an obvious attempt to buy their vote with their own money.

“All of a sudden Clark wants to lower the rate, but even with the HST at 10%, families will be paying much more on a long list of items they would normally be only be paying 7% PST," said Austin.

Austin added that Adrian Dix and the New Democrats have worked tirelessly on the fight against the HST deception for B.C. families, and people have had enough of the B.C. Liberal’s constant deceit.

Premier Clark repeatedly promised a June 24 referendum on the HST. Since then she has downgraded the referendum to a mail-in ballot with a drawn out process that will not see the votes counted until August.

“Voters will have their say next month, so now the B.C. Liberal’s are doing what they can to mislead voters into thinking it’s a choice between a 10% and 12% tax,” said Austin.

Adrian Dix and the New Democrats are offering positive change British Columbians can trust, with compassionate, fair and pragmatic solutions to address B.C.’s social, economic and environmental challenges.