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One of the bears shot
NEWS RELEASE · 4th June 2011
Kitimat RCMP
Conservation Office Service and the Kitimat RCMP attended an area just south of the Kitimat River bridge in response to calls regarding two problem grizzly bears in the area. The grizzly bears have been seen in the campground opening coolers, approaching campers and along side of Highway 37 creating a road hazard.

There have been numerous complaints of motorists blocking the highway, trying to get a picture of the bears. One grizzly bear was recentlt struck by a vehicle and sustained a severe injury to one of its front legs.

These two grizzly bears were both young bears and were already showing signs of habituation due to the public interaction.

Conservation Officers have received numerous complaints regarding the two grizzly bears and unfortunately due to the public interaction these grizzly bears have had with humans, both grizzly bears were euthanized.
The second bear that was put down
The second bear that was put down
grizzly bears
Comment by Geraldine Saunders on 10th June 2011
Coming home from out of town, I seen a car parked along the side of the road feeding these bears. No Wonder, they went to the camp site to scavenge, they now know people have food. The people should be fined.
So sad...
Comment by Pro-bear on 7th June 2011
It doesn't make any sense to me that everytime you see a bear in a place that it shouldn't be you kill it. There has got to be a better solution. For this very reason many who spot bears do NOT tell anyone because they are afraid that the bears will end up dead.
bears shot
Comment by Roma Burnett on 6th June 2011
Killing these beautiful animals makes me sick.
When you live in this part of the world you need to be aware that the animals were here first and we need to respect that!
If you don't like animals don't live here or learn to live with them.
When an animal is killed it is our fault NOT THEIRS!
Seen this coming.
Comment by Daniel Carter on 5th June 2011
It is sad to hear of these bears getting euthanized due to human interaction. Unless people learn to leave these animals alone and not feed them this will most certainly always be the outcome. Feed the bears near the roadside and eventually there is going to be an accident. There is a user maintained campsite at the orange bridge that is very close to where these bears frequent. I would imagine that this place would be a great source of food for them. This all being the perfect storm for the ultimate demise of these graceful animals. So sad.
Bears Shot
Comment by Sheila Eynon on 5th June 2011
I was very sad and horrified to read that once again two Grizzley bears were shot recently.
I agree with Michelle they are in their own back yard. Does anyone think of trying to remove the campers (who leave their garbage and food out) rather than destroy the bears. DO NOT STOP AND TRY AND TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS AND DO NOT FEED THE BEARS - this only leads to the bears being destroyed.
You people make me sick. There are a lot of bears around this year - leave them alone in peace.
What about the WOLVERINE what are Conservation and RCMP doing about this dangerous animal who appears to be taking a lot of cats (including mine) this is the animal that should be destroyed. Several people including myself have tried to reach and left messages for Conservation and up to now nobody has heard anything
I would be very interested to learn what is being done . The rumour mill says it is a female with tow cubs. Also where the Wolverine took a cat on Whittlesey very near is a Daycare. Is'nt this dangerous?
bears shot
Comment by Michelle on 5th June 2011
Sad to see Bears become pests in their own back yards. People leave their comfy houses to go camping where the bears live, and the bears are pests, so we complain, they are shot and we go home again...somethings wrong with this picture..