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Blais, Lamarre, Patterson, Senluck, Cleary and Tremblay were present for the signing.
REPORTING · 26th May 2011
Walter McFarlane
It was another step forward for the Kitimat Modernization Project at noon on Tuesday, May 24th when Rio Tinto Alcan signed a new contract for the construction of an underground corridor for the modernized smelter with IDL Projects Inc..

“For every time we sign one of those large contracts, an important step forward for KMP,” said Michel Lamarre, Project Director for Kitimat Modernization. “This morning, I went to visit the site and I was very pleased with what I see. There is a lot of work being done actually on the site.”

Lamarre explained about how they signed a pair of major contracts two months ago for the 1500 bed construction village, which is well under way, and the clean up and demolition contract.

Richard Blais, KMP Director of Construction and Engineering, explained this new contract would create a three kilometre underground facility for the new plant for Natural Gas, Industrial Water, Sewage, Potable Water, High Voltage Cables and Fibre Optic Communication Cables.

He also explained they will be using many qualified local and regional contractors and suppliers for the project. The contracts expect high levels of expertise. “That is why we are exceptionally pleased that this contract will be awarded to a Northern BC Company, Prince George based. IDL Projects Inc.” said Blais.

Todd Patterson, CEO of IDL Projects Inc took his turn to speak at the presentations. He thanked Rio Tinto Alcan and Bechtel for the opportunity to be a part of the construction.

“As a Northern BC construction Company, we appreciate Rio Tinto Alcan’s continued commitment to both BC and Northern Construction Companies as you just said. We appreciate it. Alcan has been an industrial icon in British Columbia since the 50s and being from the North, we at IDL are proud that our construction firm will be part of this major modernization project,” said Patterson.

He said the underground utilities corridor will be challenging and they have assembled a team to meet the challenges. Success will be measured if they: 1: complete the project safely, 2: Complete it by the end of the year, 3: Complete the project within budget, 4: utilize local resources and 5: provide a quality final project.

Patterson expressed they are working with the building trades to maximize the number of local and northern workers, including Haisla. They are also working with several local subcontractors including 101 Industries, Kentron Construction, Labner and RFK.

Finally, because safety is such an important factor for the Kitimat Modernization Project, Patterson expressed their companies slogan is: “Creating a safe environment.” Their focus is creating safe environments for everyone. He took the time to highlight a few of their accomplishments.

With that the contracts were signed.
Signing the document
Signing the document